Tsuki Kyouma
Nickname Tsuki
Status Alive
Reddit Username LA_Melendez
Basic Information
Birthday October 09th 836
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 5'6
Weight 152
Species Human
Race Hispanic/Central Descent
Blood Type A POS
Affiliates Caius Alexander, Christoph Teufel, Ariana Fokkusu, Hannah Stark
Place of Birth Stohess, Wall Sina
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations Military Complex
Affiliation n/a
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad n/a

Tsuki Kyouma is a soldier in the Survey Corps, with a mission of protecting the walls from Titans.


Slightly manic. Tsuki ranges from a quiet introvert to temporary fits of self-obsessive/narcissistic behavior. Completely obsessed with numbers, logic, and reason. Is a firm believer that there is nothing in this world which cannot be explained through the use of logic, and scientific analysis. During his episodes of mania, he often compares himself to other great minds of the ages, such as Newton and Pythagoras. Is generally kind-hearted with good intentions, however can become extremely cold and apathetic. Uses his manic episodes to humor those around him, being fully aware of the reality of his ridiculous claims during his episodes.

His recent introduction into a relationship with Ariana has led to strange personality shifts, which he himself doesn't fully understand. Introversion turns into extroversion, joking narcissism into actual narcissism, and aggression becomes the norm whenever his three best friends are in any form of danger. Having found a newfound purpose in life, Tsuki is fiercely loyal to his friends, having become a true realist and Leader determined to protect those around him with his knowledge.


Tsuki is a generally short man, with a frail and skinny body. His black hair is normally a mess, which reflects upon his state of mind. His brown eyes resemble his tan skin complexion. Normally in traditional military apparel with a turtle-neck, he has often fallen back on brightly-colored turtle-necks and slacks whenever casual attire is required. His glasses are thin, normally resting on the tip of his nose's bridge. A small thin mustache adorns his upper lip, while two scars are on his face. One scar is immediately under his right eye, the other is hidden behind his hair on his forehead. Both scars are from his first experience with the 3DMG, which led to awful injuries, nearly pushing him to death had it not been for Caius Alexander and Christoph Teufel.


Tsuki's life has revolved around a simple mathematic equation. 2+2=4. Upon birth at Stockholm behind Wall Sina, it was obvious that Tsuki was quite the intellectual. Allowed to skip grades from his youth, he quickly found himself often being the youngest member of his classes. This served to haunt him through his early years, as he often became the victim of his class-mates, repeatedly. His parents would move him from school to go, but the cycle would always continue. Tsuki was always alone, with his numbers to comfort him. Upon having joined the Military, things have changed quite a bit for Tsuki. However, one truth will never change in his mind. Math can be applied to any problem, from a logical context, to practical, and even to an emotional one.

Character StatisticsEdit


- He doesn't always drink Vodka, but when he does, he prefers cranberry.

- Has a deathly fear of waterskins.

- Is absolutely atrocious with the 3DMG. Trees: 1, Tsuki: 0.


"No matter how wretched, depressed, injured, beaten, or lonely I become - Two plus two will always make four."