<The first sunrise alerts Axton. He rises from his barracks bed, dresses himself, and reports to his job on the wall>

Axton Ranger: *Saluting two officers as they walk by* "Good morning, officers."

Officer: *Nods* "Cadet."

Officer #2: "Morning."

<They continue their walk on the top of the wall as he resumes his task of loading cannonballs into the railed cannons. A few minutes pass before he leaves his post and patrols the perimeter of the wall itself>

Axton Ranger: *Thinking* Everything seems to be going well. No signs of any titans for about a week now. Good. The less of them here the better.

???: *Far off in the distance* "Titan! Abnormal titan! Fifteen-meter variant!"

<Axton quickly rushes to where the call came from and looks out to the vast expanse of green fields. A sprinting titan rushes toward the wall and shows no signs of slowing or stopping>

Axton Ranger: "Guess I spoke too soon."

Officer: *Standing straight* "Ready the cannons! Do not let that titan anywhere near Wall Rose!"

<Cadets, including Axton, load their personal cannons and check their aiming. After all the necessary adjustments are made, they await the call to fire>

Officer: *Raising a hand* "Ready...aim..."

Axton Ranger: *Looking at the titan with an angered glare* "Die you bastard."

Officer: *Dropping his hand to his side* "FIRE!!!"

<Cannon after cannon fires at the approaching titan. Some shells impact, others (most of them) miss it by a couple feet. Some cadets begin to shake and run away. Axton reaches to his side and grips the sword handle firmly>

Axton Ranger: *Thinking* I'm...going... *Draws the handle with the blade already attached* "Kill it!"

<Without hesitation, he leaps down from the wall and uses his ODM Gear to launch two barbed hooks into the edge of the wall above him. He swings outward, then rests his feet against the side of the massive wall>

Axton Ranger: "You bastards took everything from me. And now, I'll be returning the favor."

<Once the titan reaches about twenty feet away, he pushes off from the wall, retracts the hooks, and launches himself at the titan. He launches the two barbed hooks into the titan's chest and uses the gear's gas tanks to propel him forward. During his approach, his other sword is drawn as well>

Axton Ranger: *Raising the swords above his head* "Die you bastard!"

<He slashes through the titan's chest because of his speed and exits out of its back. He twists around, throwing its blood in all directions, and launches a single hook into the nape of its neck. His gas propels him forward again and he slices through the neck with a deep cut. The titan stumbles forward a few steps before smashing its large body against the exterior of the wall. He stands up, sheathes his blades, and walks off of the neck>

Axton Ranger: *Landing on the ground next to the titan* "Rest in hell, bastard."

<Over the course of the day, titans of the seven, ten, and twelve-meter varieties claw at the entrance gate as the cadets at the top look down on them with smiles spread across their faces. Cannons fire repeatably and completely annihilate the groups of titans. Meanwhile, Axton sits on an ammo crate as he fiddles with his ODM Gear>

Axton Ranger: Damn titans. All they are is just sacks of flesh. Nothing more. They're too stupid to even open the front gate. We have nothing to-

<An orange bolt of lightning strikes the ground just beyond the front gate. From the intense boom, the massive shake, and the large amount of steam, a titan rises from it and peeks just over the edge of the wall. Its lack of skin reveals its muscles and bone. Cadets stand in complete shock as its sinister eyes fall upon them. Axton can only manage to stand up in shock>

Axton Ranger: "My...God."

<An explosion from the titan's foot smashes through the entrance gate with no trouble at all. The shock causes the top of the wall to shake violently and throw cadets left and right. Axton's thrown behind the wall. His two hooks sink into the side of the wall, stopping his rapid descent. Other cadets are unable to stop their fall and they crash into the ground. He looks up at the top of the wall and grinds his teeth together>

Axton Ranger: That titan. I remember it. It was the same titan that smashed through the entrance gate in Shiganshina. The Colossal Titan. This is my chance to finally kill it.

<Axton leaps back to the top of the wall and lands with both hands firmly grasping the sword handles. The blades drip with the titan's blood from before. His eyes turn to meet the massive titan standing before him>

Axton Ranger: "Hey there, titan. You probably don't remember me, but, I remember seeing you as you destroyed the wall to my home, letting titans enter the city. you're going to pay the damages."

<The titan swings its arm around drags it across the top of the wall. Axton runs and jumps over the arm, using his ODM gear to swing down, then over to land on top of the arm. He sprints along the arm and stabs the blades into the flesh, dragging them along as he heads toward the right shoulder. The titan responds to Axton by jerking its arm around to knock him off. His balance is struck, causing him to slam on the arm face first. His swords stop his abrupt fall from the arm>

Axton Ranger: "Damn it. This titan's aware of what I'm doing. Can't let my guard down."