Theo Schumacher
Nickname n/a
Status Alive
Reddit Username htts_rp
Basic Information
Birthday October 19th, 834
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 6'1"
Weight 147 Ibs
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type B-
Affiliates Juror Schumacher (father)

Allaine Schumacher (mother)

Addie Schumacher (sister)

Katja Schumacher (sister)

Teresa Schumacher (sister)

Bronze Odessa (half-uncle, an Officer in the Military Police)

Place of Birth Karanese District
Professional Status
Rank n/a
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation n/a
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad n/a

Theo Schumacher is a Military Policeman protecting the walls from Titans.


Due to life values instilled in him by his uncle Bronze, Theo tends to come off as paranoid and anxious even when he is supposedly relaxed. He is apprehensive of everything and doesn't take anything at face value. However, he can't be called an introvert as he is rather outgoing and can be coaxed into easing up in the company of friends.


Coming in at just over 6 feet and just under 150 Ibs, Theo is lanky. He bears sparse chin length brown hair tied back behind his head by cheap twine. He has brown eyes. To his distress, he has not been able to grow facial hair.


Early Life

Born in 834 to a pair of textile workers, Juror and Allaine Schumacher, Theo is the youngest of four total siblings, and the only boy among them. His sisters Addie, Katja, and Teresa ensured that he had a very chaotic childhood.

Other than his manic home life, one of the great influences in Theo's life was his uncle Bronze Odessa, an officer in the Military Police, and the only real male role model he had before enlistment. Bronze imparted a cynical worldview to his nieces and nephew. Though this proved to be a passing phase to his sisters as they left the house, the wisdom of his uncle apparently never left his heart and strongly affected his mannerisms and practices for years to come.

When Wall Maria and it's port district of Shiganshina fell in 845, refugees poured through all districts of Wall Rose, including Karanese. The tales spread by the survivors of the attack terrified Theo. That following year when the royal government ousted over 250,000 refugees during the Reclamation, he began to distrust them vocally.

Theo finally decided to join the military after the cult riots that had occured in Karanese. Until that point, he had held to the common notion that the Survey Corps was an ineffective and inane waste of tax payer money. However, when they stopped the cult from opening the gate, he took inspiration from them and aspired to join the Survey Corps.


Theo trained with the 107th Trainee Corps.

During the Midwinter Ball attack, he helped organize an evacuation of the city of Stohess along with numerous other trainees. During the Italian Carnival, he and Daniel Landvik lead a strike team into William Accardo's tunnel network and barely survived.

During training, he received news that his uncle had been brutally murdered by an unknown party in Mitras. On top of that, he discovered that his family had not successfully relocated to Karanese after the titan attack yet. His uncle's death made him study and train harder than he had up to that point, so that he could join the Military Police and investigate the murder in person.

After months of training, Theo graduated at #6 in his trainee class and immediately joined the Mlitary Police.


Basco Heartwell: Basco and Theo have been friends since their first day together, when Theo lent Basco a straight razor to shave with. Since then, Theo has saved Basco's life during the Midwinter Ball, Basco saved Theo's life during the Italian Carnival, and they have exchanged numerous pointy things as a sign of friendship.

Daniel Landvik: Theo initially disprespected Landvik, because of hisndemeanor, but the two became close after marksmanship training.

Serena Strats: They maintain a bitter rivalry for reasons neither of them have actually ever thought about. One could speculate she reminds him of one of his sisters.

Character StatisticsEdit



As a boy, one of his pastimes was fishing, which he excelled at.