Thad Caldwell
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Nickname none
Status Living
Reddit Username roland90
Basic Information
Birthday August 8th
Gender Male
Age 24
Height 6 Feet
Weight 190 lbs.
Species Human
Race Polish
Blood Type O-
Place of Birth Yalkell District
Professional Status
Rank Private
Affiliation Garrison

Thad Caldwell is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the Walls from the Titans.


Thad is decently outgoing and is consistently eager to take on new missions. He does his best to be there for others, especially his friends.


Caldwell stands at 6 feet tall and about 190 pounds. He has dirty blonde hair that goes down to the collar of his shirt and just below his brow, and is normally swept to one side. While not the most muscular in stature, he is by no means weak.


Thad grew up in Yalkell District and lived a normal childhood in safety. At the age of 19, he decided to assist in Humanity's struggle by joining the military. He elected to join the Garrison Regiment, as he wanted to help people but not get himself killed by joining the Survey Corps. His first mission went rather smooth. He along with Cannon Team 6 (lead by Anna Brauer ) successfully killed a Titan and allowed the Survey Corps to leave the Walls safely. His 3DMG training with Frederick Mahler proved that while he was no prodigy, he was fully capable of maneuvering throughout the forest.


Despite Thad's low key demeanor, he took charge of Cannon Team 6 briefly as the leader regained her senses.

Thad elected to join the Garrison, although many of his friends joined the Survey Corps.