Serena Strats
Nickname n/a
Status Alive
Reddit Username Obviously87
Basic Information
Birthday n/a
Gender Female
Age n/a
Height 5"6'
Weight n/a
Species n/a
Race n/a
Blood Type n/a
Affiliates Simon Strats (Dad - SC - Dead)

Mira Strats (Mom - Dead)

Eddard Strats (Uncle - MP - Dead

Leah Strats (Aunt - Dead)

Harkon Strats (Brother - SC - Alive)

Place of Birth Trost
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations Military complex
Affiliation Military Police
Former Affiliation 107th Trainee squad
Squad n/a

Serena Strats is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans. 


Serena is quite energetic and outgoing. However like her brother due to a lack of social skills she finds it hard to react correctly to people but unlike her brother she is cold towards people she doesn't know. Due to Harkon being overprotective when they were children she was quite sheltered from the darkness that exists in the world. When Trost was attacked however she saw the world for what it really was, as such she finds it hard to believe that some people have genuine good intentions and thinks that they always have ulterior motives.

Since Trost the tables have been flipped and now she is the overprotective of her brother. This leads her to come into confrontation with people such as Captain Friday or Hannah Stark who she belives to be a danger to her brother's well being. Serena has been show to be quite mercyless as she would rather kill a bunch of bandits outright, then pull off some elabourate scheme to capture them alive.

Like most of the Strats family she is quite intelleigent, but lacks common sense sometimes. Despite being the younger off the two children she is the more mature one of the two. 


Despite being Harkon's sister Serena shares no common traits with him at all. Serena has long blonde hair which comes down past her shoulders, and brown eyes. Serena also has a longer face then her brother and the only thing they share is a name. Serena also wears her uniform a lot as she has little use for formal wear, and when she does wear some, she preferes to wear normal clothes instead of dresses. 


I cannot write this without giving spoilers.

Character StatisticsEdit



The amount of people who try to ship HarkonXSerena is unreal, and it's not going to happen.


Anything your character says a lot or takes to heart.  Something that mean a lot to them that was said to or by a friend, family member, or fellow soldier.