Samantha Rosenthal
Nickname Sam, Sammy
Status Alive
Reddit Username /u/WhaleMom
Basic Information
Birthday November, 21st
Gender Female
Age 19
Height 5'6"
Weight 120lbs
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type O-
Affiliates Alwin Rosenthal - Brother(Deceased)

Corinna Rosenthal - Mother(Deceased)

Egil Rosenthal - Father(Deceased)

Place of Birth Trost
Professional Status
Rank Private
Base of Operations Military Complex
Affiliation Tokarev
Former Affiliation 108th Trainee Squad
Squad Military Police

Samantha Rosenthal is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Samantha is a very strange girl who isn't good at talking to people. She always puts on a brave front and tries to be strong for other people even though she isn't that strong for herself.


Samantha has light brown hair that is usually in a ponytail. Half of her hair is cut a lot shorter than then other half. She wears black rimmed glasses over her blue eyes. She is constantly wearing a black sweatshirt underneath her uniform.


Samantha lived a very happy childhood with few friends and a kind family. Her parents were rich but chose to raise their children outside of Wall Sina and in the Trost District of Wall Rose.

On the day in the year 850 when Trost was taken over by Titans Samantha watched her friends and family be killed by the Titans. The only reason she made it out of Trost was her brother sacrificing himself to save her.

Character StatisticsEdit


  • Her sweatshirt was given to her by her older brother.


"I'm no better than the titans." -Samantha