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<<Character Name>> is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Ryker Is always happy even in the worst of situations, in fact it seems that the more dangerous or serious a situation gets the more he smiles. He does not feel tethered to the world around him and therefore does not fear dying and would happily give his life for the greater or even a single comrad. Although he would take a bullet for a stranger, Ryker is nearly incapable of being connected to anyone and would find himself not feeling sadness or mourning their death, within respectful boundaries fo course. The only exception to this is his best friend Zia Eberhart who he has, with painstakingly slow progress, has become acustomed to and care for deeply and to a lesser extent, some of his closer friends and divisonmates. Even the ones he does not like personally. The one thing that Ryker fears more than dying without helping anyone is to loose Zi although even Ryker does not fully admit it. This feeling of distance from the world around him makes him strong leader, being able to make clear, decisive, and logical decisons in times of emense pressure without feeling it. He understands that being a leader means to work with the group and that you must sacrafice more than anyone. 

Although he did not initially aspire to become a leader among the 106th and further, finishing 3rd in his divison along with the words of Drill Seargant Taylor, Ryker is now realizing that he 


Ryker is 164 cm (5' 4") with rather long blonde hair that covers his face a lot. He isnt very built however he is toned. Ryker wears a pair of black glasses with a pair of blue eyes behind them. Because of his appearence he often is mistaken for a child and on the occasion a girl.


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