Rocket Fyer
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Basic Information
Birthday 18th May
Gender Male
Height 180cm
Weight 72kg
Species Human
Race Human
Blood Type O+
Place of Birth Shiganshina 
Professional Status
Rank Team Leader
Base of Operations Stohess
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation 105th Trainee's.
Squad n/a

Rocket Fyer is a soldier in the Survey Corps, aiming to protect and serve humanity from the wrath of the Titans.


Rocket is a friendly, approachable person, however can be best described as an ambivert. He is sometimes seen socialising, attemping to help people when he can, whilst also taking care of himself. Rocket is an open minded person, who hardly ever denies listening to suggestions, even if they are the most ridiculous as they might help him in life one day. Rocket plans ahead whilst considering as many possibilities as he can, as he knows that even the most unexpected can occur. Rocket is a person who is very organised, simplistic and detests messes around his own living area, and sometimes, his close friends and has a habit of cleaning up their mess to fill is OCD of messes. 


Rocket is fairly tanned, with quite wavy hair that naturally grows to the right. He is quite tall, and is of average build. He has quite a oval face, and noticable hazel eyes. Rocket wears, when not in training, simplistic clothing that are really comfortable, yet they do not manage to attract attention unlike his fellow colleguess. Rocket often aims to wear plain shoes, as well as light ones, to allow mobility in any situation needed.  


Rocket was of a young age when the attack on Shiganshina had occured. He had been running with his parents when they had both been taken out by boulders which were flung by the colossal titan's intrusion into Wall Maria. At the time, he was in shock and was assisted by a passer-by who aided him to escape. As he was being taken away, he had witnessed the strength of the Armoued Titan smashing through the inner wall, yet was too young to understand what had been going on. To him, the Armoued Titan looked like a giant toy doll, which looked cool, but later on understood the wrath of the Titans as he progressed in age. He later finds out that Alois, one of his closest friends was the Armoured Titan, but had disregarded that fact and still believed in him and trusted him, regardless of his past.

He had been living with a family that he did not even recongise, and was even said not to be communicating with anyone for the first few days, before opening up and then playing with his one brother and two elder sisters. His parents had given as much love and care as they could to Rocket as if he was their own blood child.

Whilst growing up, he had been seen reading or making use of his time. He had only ever gotten into a fight once in his childhood, in which a child was being bullied by two that were the same age as him. He had manged to win, but escaped with a fractured arm. From then on, he had prided himself in helping others in need, when necessary.

Growing up, he had understood more and more about these "Titans" and was determined to seek revenge and to make sure that no-one else had to suffer the same pain he had suffered when he was a child, and then made his decision of joining the Survey Corps. To further this, not many other career choices in the Military had intruiged him. His family were first reluctant on this, however, later on, accepeted that he would go no matter what, and gave him as much support as they could. 

105th Trainee SquadEdit

During his time as a Trainee, Rocket had made a few friends, consisting of Arend Klien, Sarah Silverman, Miles "Tails" Walker, & Harold Roberts. Rocket finished 3rd in the top 10 trainees giving him the chance to join the Military Police, but he had chosen the Survey Corps, as that what he had originally intended to join. He realised that people would have fought for the postion he was in, but simply chose to ignore it because it was something that was not in his control. Rocket had been known for organising a surprise hike for all trainees a week before graduation, as a last meeting, further strengthing his relationship with a few trainees.

Survey CorpsEdit

Rocket had started his time as a Private in the Survey Corps with a retrieval mission, guarding an abandon city with Rana Alexis and Lukas Schluz. He had attempted to save a young trainee's friends however witnessed her death along with their squad leader. A few weeks later, he was handpicked by Commander Tritan prior to his death to assist him along with Arend and Sarah to close to the gate, which was opened and allowed an invasion of Karanese. Due to the invasion of Karanese, he has now been placed, along with the other Survey Corp and Military Police members, in Stohess. He had then been promoted to Corporal.

Rocket had lead an investigation on who had opened the gate in Karanese, which had also shed light to the death of his foster family in Karanese. It had been by the Head Pastor of the Wall Cult, and had used a Titan Serum, which was devised by Tokarev, a scientist to attract titans to a particular location. Rocket and Arend had apporached the Pastor, resulting in Rocket severely beating him up, and Arend arresting him. Rocket had been punished by Commander Eisenfaust.  

Rocket had come up with the introduction of a new flare in the Survey Corps, "Blue". This is used to signal Titan Shifters. Upon bringing this suggestion, and skills shown by Rocket, Commander Eisenfuast had promoted Rocket to her personal advisor as well as Team Leader.  

During the battle between the boned Titan and the Beast Titan, Rocket had severely damaged his arm, resulting in scarring, and his constant use of a bandange, around his arm to ensure full-recovery. Most recently, this had been treated by Dr. Caius Alexander, by re-breaking his arm, almost a year after sustaining the injury.  

Rocket aims to talk to as many new soldiers in the Survey Corps to help them get a good start, and not beocme oblivious to their surroundings; however he is often seen standing by himself analysing the situation, or learning patterns of people.  

Rocket thinks of a select few as trustable friends, though he may come across as a person who trusts everyone.