Rie is a Cadet in the Trainee Corps. He has heterochromia

Rie Vorne
Rie Vorne
Nickname The Orange Eyed Psycho
Status Alive
Basic Information
Birthday February 25
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 179 cm/ 16 meters (Titan Form)
Weight 71 kg
Species Human/Titan
Blood Type B
Affiliates None
Place of Birth Shinganshina
Professional Status
Rank Scout
Base of Operations Trost
Former Affiliation Trainee
Squad None
Rie is a Scout with the Ability to Shift into the Vampire Titan. He has heterochromia which is caused by his Titan shifting abilities.

Personality Edit

Rie was very secluded his whole life. From early childhood, he was mocked for having different colored eyes. The only time when Rie shifts from this is when he is faced with a titan. He gains a murderous intent for Titans as he usually chops off all the Titans limbs before killing them. Even in Titan form, he twists titan libs like toys before crushing the Titan's body completely. He isn't very friendly to others but occasionally opens up to them.

Appearance Edit

Rei's most notable feature is his different colored eyes.His white hair is natural but neither of his parents had white hair. He usually wears his scouting uniform but when he's not, he wears a white button-up shirt with brown pants.

In his Titan form, Rie gains a major size difference and his hair becomes shoulder length. Both of his eyes turn orange when he transforms. His sharp teeth are exposed which doesn't allow speech. His fingertips have retractable claws that can be used for sticking them into walls.

Biography Edit

Growing up in Shinganshina, Rie saw the Colossal Titan kick down the wall, not much from that day is remembered except that his father took him to escape but mysteriously disappeared right before they got on the both. Six years later, Rie joins the Survey Corps (Fully aware of his Titan abilities).

Abilities Edit

3D Maneuver Gear- While not being the best at using the gear, he is able to do basic movements and mid-air dodges.

Titan Shifting- Rie has the ability to change into the Vampire Titan. The Vampire Titan has the ability to drain energy from other Titans from biting into their necks, which can also kill them. He has retractable claws from his fingertips that can shred through Titans like paper.

Trivia Edit

  • Rie is ambidextrous
  • Although Rie doesn't know how he got his abilities, he says he doesn't care as long as he gets to kill Titans.

Quotes Edit

" No matter how you look at it, Humanity is weak, that's why we fight, to show that we are weak but, we can fight"

"Titans are nothing but rabid animals that eat for the sake of eating. They're monsters so stop whining and just kill them!"