Pierre "Remy" Beaumont
Nickname Remy, Bordeaux, Bellemont
Status alive
Reddit Username Pierre_Beaumont
Basic Information
Birthday n/a
Gender male
Age 19
Height 4'11
Weight 120
Species human
Race French
Blood Type n/a
Affiliates n/a
Place of Birth Shiganshina
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations Military Training Base
Affiliation n/a
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad 106th

Pierre Remy Beaumont is a recruit in the Milatary Orgnization, training to protect the walls from titans. He is a member of the 106th Trainee Squad.


Pierre is a quiet boy, he is very shy and was never one to make a lot of freinds. He is even more so nervous due to growing up alone. He lost his older 'sister' at Trost during the attack, and he never knew his parents.


Pierre is short, and lanky. He has black hair that covers his eyes, and isn't very muscular. He's fast, because he had to survive on the streets stealing food for his 'family'.


Pre EnlistementEdit

Pierre grew up on the streets of Shiganshina, with an older girl who he called his sister. She was 14 when the titans attacked, and was crushed under a pile of debries. The incident has caused him to be very quiet about most things. During the attack a Garrison soldiger saved his life, but was unable to save his sister's life. The next years leading up to his enlistment he grew up under the care of the Garrison, and his savior Rodrick Belmont. Living under the Garrison, he discoverd a new found purpose. He was happy to be off the streets, and Rodrick took a great deal of time to teach Pierre right from wrong.

Enlistment and TrainingEdit

Pierre enlisted in the army at 16, wanting to help people like Rodrick. Hoping to join the Survey Corps to some day expand humanity beyond the walls. While in training he grew at odds with Hannah Stark, a trainee from withine wall Sina. Ideolgically the two, did not get along and would often bicker and yell at each other. Later on close to graduation he met Daria Shade, a blind girl who also had aperations to join the SC. Her reasons were simalr to his own, as she wanted to prove that she would be able to do it too. Pierre grew increasily more infacatuated with her, and was also assigned to her squad under Private Fedrick Mahler. Talking about Daria was the one thing that opened him up to conversation with Hannah.

Survey CorpsEdit

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