Osler Welles
Nickname Sketch
Status Alive
Reddit Username /u/CanvasJoe
Basic Information
Birthday 09/27
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 5'10
Weight 145
Species Human
Race German
Blood Type O+
Affiliates n/a
Place of Birth Trost
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation n/a
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad n/a

Osler Welles is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Osler Welles is extremely driven, but tends to only focus on his own personal gains before considering the needs or wishes of others. His obsession on human anatomy motivates everything that he does, the most obvious evidence for which is a notebook containing thousands of sketches of pig organs that he always carries by his side. Being raised in a slaughterhouse, he appreciates the gravity of death as a concept, but is significantly less emotionally impacted by death than would be considered normal. Some, and rightly so, would even call him disrespectful towards the dead, due to his compulsion to study corpses rather than to mourn the loss of life.

Whenever he encounters an obstacle, he becomes incredibly impatient, and usually verbally attacks whoever might be in his way, even if doing so would inconvience him later. He is generally friendly towards everyone he meets, but he gives off the impression of being disingenuine unless he is talking about anatomy or something that would help him study it more. 

Osler is also religious, but he was never involved in the Wall Cult, instead worshiping the God taught to him by his father. 

Osler is also prone to bouts of obsessive compulsive disorder, which he falsely percieves as periods of weakness. As of the Summer of 852, this is the only thing that can cause Osler intense fear. However, since the events in the wilderness, these bouts have ceased altogether. 


Osler is slightly tall, and moderately skinny, though no less so than anyone else given the recent famines. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He typically wears an orange bandana, stained with blood, which he uses to cover his mouth and nose when studying a corpse. Though his eyes are usually distracted and lack-luster, when inspired to passion, his gaze becomes intimidating and extremely threatening. Given all of the pig corpses he has carried throughout the years, he has developed a strong upper-body, but due to his shut-in lifestyle, his legs are not particularly strong. He always carries his anatomy sketchbook whenever possible on his right hand, and when under emotional duress, he obsessively taps together the first and fourth finger of his left hand. 


Osler Welles was born to Joseph & Marra Welles in the Trost District in the year 841. His mother died in childbirth. Other than her name, Osler knows nothing about his mother, as his father refused to ever talk about either his mother of the circumstances of her death.

Joseph Welles was a butcher, and lived in the slaughterhouse where he conducted his buisness. From his earliest memories, Osler Welles has been exposed to the systematic slaughter of tens of thousands of pigs. However, perhaps due to his early exposure, Osler never appeared to be disturbed by these mass killings, and instead was drawn to them.

From a young age, Osler showed exceptional ability in sketching. His father was always amazed by the speed at which his son could draw, nearly perfectly, a pig's stomach. However, rather than turning this ability towards something profitable, Osler instead focused on drawing anatomy. He developed an obsessive interest for not only knowing how to draw the slaughtered pigs, but how the pigs functioned before they came underneath his father's knife. 

His father soon grew concerned about Osler's disturbing sketches and the obsession with which he did them. For an extended period of time, Joseph banned his son from the slaughteroom, hoping that Osler would find interest in drawing something else. Eventually, he relented when he realized that his son would wastefully kill the pigs himself if Joseph did not allow Osler access to the pig's execution. Though they spent much time together, Osler's father was never convinced of his wellbeing, resulting in a strained relationship between father and son until Joseph's death. Osler's father, during this period, still tried to guide his son down towards what he thought to be a righteous path, but whether he eventually succeeded is ambiguous. 

Joseph Welles was walking near the exterior gate when the Titans took Trost, while Osler was near the opposite side of the city, almost next to the gate. His father was killed almost immediately, but Osler never seemed disturbed or even saddened by this fact. He stayed with his uncle in the Interior of Wall Rose for a couple of years, sketching whatever he could, until he signed up for the Military in the summer of 852. 

Throughout this period of time, Osler developed a sometimes crippling case of OCD. Upon learning about the existence of Titan Shifters from Lukas Schulz, and the disturbing implications of their existence, his psychotic episodes grew more frequent and more severe. 

His final, and most severe, episode occured after the 3DMG test. Though he showed remarkable profiency, he showed odd habits and patterns of speech upon his landing on the ground. After stumbling to his dorm to grab his sketchbook, he dragged a corpse out into the widlerness where he became lost. To survive, Osler was forced to eat the corpse for sustenance. He stumbled back into camp after 12 days. At this point of time, no-one knows about Osler's cannibaism, as the corpse was assumed to have been taken by dogs and Osler appears to have suppressed all memory of the event. 

Since the events of his 12 days in the wilderness, Osler has become significantly more cold, angry, and prone to violence. At this moment in time, Osler is engaged in preparation to perform a restorative surgery on Daria Shade's eyesight, whom he emotionally abused into agreeing with. 

Character StatisticsEdit



Osler has an irrational hatred of morticains, due to Trost's mortician refusing to let him sketch the corpses interned there. Since then, the greatest insult Osler can think of is to compare someone to a mortician. 

Osler encountered Darla Shade at a young age when her fight club temporarily moved into the basement of his father's slaughterhouse. He was profoundly disturbed by the pain he witnessed there, and is ashamed to admit it. 

Osler was in a relationship with Mary, Elias Kraus' dear friend, for a brief period in Trost. Mary broke up with him upon learning about Osler's obsession with anatomical sketches. 

Stemming largely from his father, Osler depises wastefulness in any form, and will be the first to call someone out on it, regardless of circumstance.


"Son, look at that pig. You see how he's searching for something? He's searching for God. And sometimes, in their last moments, they find it. You can see Him in the reflection of their eyes." - Joseph Welles, to Oscar Welles.

"These sketches... they do mean something. I just don't know what yet." Osler Welles, Journal Entry

"[E]very anatomy book ... has just been proven wrong on a fundamental level. If humans, in any way, posess the capability to turn into those things... pigs won't cut it anymore." Osler Welles to Rana Alexis, shortly after learning about the existance of Titan Shifters.