Cpl. Maes Häuer
Normal Senerio2
Nickname N/A
Status Alive
Reddit Username Ziggurat93
Basic Information
Birthday September 30th
Gender Male
Age 18-19
Height 5'10-5'11
Weight 64kg
Place of Birth Unknown
Professional Status
Rank Private
Base of Operations Southern Walls and Districts
Affiliation Survey Corps.
Former Affiliation 105th Trainee's Regiment
Corporal Maes (Mace/Maze) Häuer is a recruit in the 105th Trainee's Squad, He hails from a hunting village in the mountainous regions. Falling short of the Top 10 in his class he has joined the Survey Corps.

[Note: Bio is pretty much complete, I will add things into the "Survey Corps" arc as my character progresses.]


Blunt, and alot less open then the other trainee's in his regiment. Being from the mountainous regions, Maes has a more quiet demeanor and doesn't act as formal as most his classmates, often causing others to see him as rude. 

Despite these selfish characteristics, he shows focus on the well-being of his teammates instead of dedication to the mission at hand. Often going great lengths to save someones life, but will hesistate if the situation seems at a complete loss. 

For most things he fails to show any motivation to excel, only doing the bare minimum requirements. But shows interest in horseback riding and using the 3DMG

An uncanny intuition; he considers himself a Hunter first and foremost, he usually relies on those instincts, making himself a lone wolf at times and not very good at teamwork.

His view on humanity within the walls is that they are greedy and corrupt, he doesn't understand why others see death as being so glorious. He wished to find a spot in the Military Police, but has failed to do so. Maes has always felt uneasy near the walls, but he tries to hide that he does. So in the end his only choice was to join the Survey Corps with the rest of his class.

  • Tends to relay his hunting experiences into the way he handles Titans, not very effective..
  • Will deviate from the mission at hand if it looks like a complete loss. (Hopefully this changes)


- His black chin length hair is usually in a ponytail

- Only a few inches taller then average, he doesn't have a very imposing physique

- Picture is pretty spot on. So if you don't feel like picturing it go ahead and use the pic :].

- Average Uniform, the only difference is the hunting knife he wears at his hip during missions. 


Maes has mentioned very little about himself, only that he came from a Hunting village.

  • He told the Drill Sergeant he was from Dauper Village, this has yet to be confirmed. EDIT: Turns out Maes was lying, he is really from Sköll ; A mountain in an unknown area. More Information will come at a later date.
  • He shows a talent in Horseback Riding, Tracking,  and has Exceptional Hearing/Sight

105th Trainee's Squad (Completed)Edit

  • Maes had joined the trainee's five years prior to his age right now, his skill in most courses are average, excelling in Horseback Riding.
  • Since joining trainee camp he has made few friends, is bunkmates with Soren Becker.
  • His first 3DMG use had showed he acts before looking at detail.
  • Maes has graduated Trainee Camp, Falling short of the top 10 he joins the Survey Corps in hopes that he might live for a while and be asked to join the Military Police.

Survey Corps.Edit

  • Now a Private in the Survey Corps, Maes still isn't convinced that the Survey Corps can accomplish much. But he isn't open about his true feelings, usually avoiding the topic or silently focusing on the mission at hand.
  • So far Maes has helped with 2 missions. Brutus & Jerimiah 31.3

Character StatisticsEdit

Although a decent soldier, Maes had fallen short of reaching the top 10 in the 105th Regiment due to his lack of ambition to advance; a slacker. If he had a rank, it would have been in the 11th or 12th spot.

Against Titans his lack in strength is made up by his quick thinking on the field and skillfulness with the 3DMG. 


  • Kinda inspired by a mix of Ymir/Bert
  • Decent Marksman with a Rifle


  • "Yo!"
  • Frederick smiles faintly, "That's mainly why I joined too. I just need food and a place to stay after my parents died."  -----> Maes yawns audibly loud, quite rude since Fredrick was opening up to him. "So Fredrick did you tell the the Drill Sergeant about killing that trainee yet?"