Lukas S. alternative
Nickname lucas
Status single
Reddit Username defan752
Basic Information
Birthday December 19 1983
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 5"9'
Weight 115 lb
Species Human or demon
Race Caucasian (Aryan)
Blood Type A B
Affiliates Karl Simlinton - Father

Lara alternative - Mother

Kara Schulz - Sister

Place of Birth Karanese District
Professional Status
Rank 1#
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation 105th Training Corps
Squad Liamgold

Lukas Schulz is a Survey Corps Sergeant in the Military Organization, protecting the walls from Titans and conducting private Titan research.


From what can be gathered, Lukas has a varied personality. He is usually quiet and modest, unwilling to express himself, resorting to pure observation. Because of this, he is one of the most observant people in the Survey Corps. He is also able to be influenced by others. However, during serious times such as battle, Lukas is able to summon a strong-willed personality, sometimes becoming loud and unreasonable. His ulterior motives, such as the degree to which he cares for his teammates, are unknown.


Lukas is not very tall, but not short either. He has a head of dark brown hair that falls down on the sides of his head and almost obscures his eyes. It is neither neat nor unkempt. Below his hair, a pair of soft but serious eyes gaze out from behind rectangular framed glasses. He has a modest face; it's not special in any way. He owns a long silver scarf that he only wears on cold days, and is frequently seen jotting things down in his most prized possession - a black, leather-bound notebook.


Lukas Schulz was born in the year 835 to Karl and Lukas Schulz. They lived on the eastern side of Karanese District, in a modest neighborhood. Two years later, in the year 841, a sister, named Kara Schulz, was born. 

As a child, Lukas enjoyed two things that were both considered unfitting for his age: reading lots of books, and fantasizing about what lay beyond the Walls.

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Lukas's black notebook holds one of the most exhaustive and extensive vaults of information ever created.


" You're not insane.So try to be normal be yourself your the only one controlling your life " -- Miles "Tails" Walker