Lucas Mayers
AoTRP LucasMayers
Nickname n/a
Status Deceased
Reddit Username ForrestDumb
Basic Information
Birthday August 28
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 5' 9
Weight 152
Species human
Race caucasian
Blood Type B-
Affiliates Hannah Mayers (Younger Sister)

Ilke Mayers (Mother)

Place of Birth Wall Maria (south)
Professional Status
Rank Private
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation Trainee Corps
Squad n/a

Lucas Mayers was a Private in the Survey Corps, the taskforce of the military in charge of exploration and offense against the titans. He did fighting against the neglect of his player towards him, a circumstance this wiki page is evidence of.

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Time in Training

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- 3DMG

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Some might say that Lucas has a personality that is hard to comprehend at first glance. He is a character of conflicts. While his dream of a better life in freedom outside the walls is fueled by selfishness, he would never leave those close to him behind. Often rushing ahead or acting before obtaining all necessary information he puts himself and others in trouble or even real danger. He tries to be kind to everyone around him and to make them feel comfortable, knowing that this is the basis for trust and alliances which he believes to be of great importance in the upcoming future. Lucas is reluctant to follow orders without questioning them and would not be fit for a branch outside the Survey Corps. On top of that he has lost all trust into humanity and their ability to overcome the titan threat or, even more dangerous, the threat from within. This stems from his experiences in the slums of Karanese. However the friends he makes can be sure to rely on him when the time comes.

His dream is to break free of the chains of his existence and wander about in the realm outside the walls.


Lucas has green eyes and scarlet hair. Although he is not featuring a great amount of muscle mass, his well defined stature is that of a experienced runner, shaped in the slums of Karanese.

[Big shoutout to niennaz2 for drawing the character!]



Most of his life was filled with boredom and his silly pranks trying to rid him of it. Growing up in a secluded farm village he did few more than herd sheep and till fields. With him there lived his mother and his younger sister, both of them alway wary of the young troublemaker going around. While his farther was serving military duty in Shiganshina and only coming home every few weeks he soon discovered what it meant to be the one holding the responsibility over the family farm. And he hated it from the bottom of his heart. For him it was just another cage his family and society had constructed around him.

His only gleam of hope were the stories of his grandfarther, who were part of the Survey Corps until retirement and died when Lucas was just 10 years old. He used to tell Lucas about the outside world, of red rivers and marble mountains with trees ranging from the very bottom to the highest peaks. On top of that he told Lucas of animals, strange creatures with three legs and multiple wings, which could speak! With the benefit of hindsight it isn't hard to see what caused Lucas to go nuts, but at the very same time these stories, which he still believes true, are the source of his dedication and then only thing keeping him from giving up.

Living in KaraneseEdit

After Wall Maria fell, he realized quickly that his farther wasn't coming back and thus took it into his own hands to lead his mother and sister away from the mass of the refugees on a path to Karanese District. Hoping to come to a place that was not flooded with refugees yet he was gutted to discover that Karanese was already overcrowded when they got there. Quickly slums had formed in close proximity to the river. The resulting moist and dark nature of the place weighed on his mind. It didn't help that food was running short. Soon he was given a choice. Either he would watched his sister and mother starve over time or he could take matter in his own hands. Not strong enough to be working on the fields nor willing to leave his family for it he turned to more delicate activities. At first Lucas only took things people didn't keep their eyes on for a few seconds which he then managed to claim as his own. However, since other refugees also decide to go down that path and people started to keep closer track on their things, he was forced to adapt his approach. After trying himself at pickpocketing, getting caught red-handed and in the process getting beaten up, he found the danger in which he would place himself not worth the amount of loot he could pick up. Thus his path as a thief was set. Certainly he was not one of the best thieves in the city and he refused to join groups in the underworld. He became a lone wolf after sundown, sticking to shacks and houses of people of the lower middle class, avoiding the heavier guarded properties.

Turning pointEdit

Although he managed to provide his family with everything they needed, he was not content with the situation he was in. He wanted his mother and sister to live a comfortable life as he saw them struggling to try and stay positive about their situation. No longer able to endure the misery his beloved ones were in he planned a coup. One like none he had ever done before. For days he tailed the watch and memorized every detail about a house in the merchant district. Unfortunately things did turn out different than he had planned. Though he had gotten in and out of the house without being seen and was able to make quite the haul, things started to get complicating. On his way through the district he noticed a greater presence of guards than usually. When he slipped through a small alleyway he noticed some members of a notorious gang hiding in there. The guards were on a raid and had been informed of the whereabouts of the gang. Lucas tried to leave the scene as soon as possible but as he stepped out of the alleyway he ran into a guard. Knowing how he looked like he saw no other possibility but to tell on the gangmembers. The guard immediately called for backup and in the ensuing chaos Lucas could escape. He went home, gave his mother and sister the haul, instructed them what to do with it and told them what had happened. Lucas had made two enemies at once: the guards AND the remaining gang members who were know to hunt down even the slightest of offenses. There was no other possibility for him to escape than to join the military. And this is where our story sets off....

Character StatisticsEdit



- Appearance based on "Kvothe" from the book "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss - I recommend it!