Lazar Kozak
Nickname Laz
Status Alive
Reddit Username ErkeyfromTurkey
Basic Information
Birthday n/a
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 5'11
Weight 180
Species Human
Race n/a
Blood Type O+
Affiliates n/a
Place of Birth n/a
Professional Status
Rank n/a
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation n/a
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad n/a

Lazar Kozak is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Lazar is very much of a type of calm, cool, and collected guy on the outside. He though usually breaks out of this sheel when he meets others and usually is much more outgoing then he seems to be. He likes to joke around and have fun. That is though, only when the situation calls for it. When it's time for things to become serious he becomes deathly serious toward accomplishing the task at hand. 


Lazar has brown spiky hair, and some really blue eyes. He also has a slight five o'clock shadow. He isn't very much of a muscular person but he has enough to have it be noticed and show from his 3DMG training. He wears a small necklace and a brown military jacket.


Lazar was born in Trost to two parents in the medical profession. His father was a reknowned doctor and his mother was a nurse who worked in the military. During his time growing up he was tought a lot about medicine and medical practice. He also had a younger sister who he took care of most of the time while his parents were working. 

On the day Trost was attacked by the Titans, his sister was no where to be found and Lazar looked everywhere, for her as his parents were currently helping others. He never manged to find her and only found a necklace that she wore all the time. Lazar and his parents presumed her dead and moved out of Trost to Mitras after the attack of Trost. 

Lazar's mother and father returned to working and began to teach Lazar more in depth about medicine and medical practice. Once he got old enough he joined up with the military in hopes of becoming a doctor or a medical officer.

He knows a lot about medicine since he has basically spent his whole life around the meidcal profession. 


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