Kuroko Akuhei
Nickname n/a
Status Alive
Reddit Username CheenisWeenis
Basic Information
Birthday December 25
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5'4"
Weight 126 Pounds
Species Human
Race Asian
Blood Type A
Affiliates Toshio Akuhei (Father) (Deceased)

Hitomi Akuhei (Mother) (Deceased)

Place of Birth Yalkell
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation n/a
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad n/a

Kuroko Akuhei is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Kuroko mostly acts unenthusiastic about things, mostly when it comes to a subject about Titans, and gives off a deadpan expression most of the times. He also has some trouble with his wording, sometimes making sarcasm and humor come off as insult or a threat.


Kuroko's main features are his blue eyes and sky blue hair. Kuroko's build and height aren't as menacing as compared to the others.


Kuroko was born in Yalkell, where his mother worked for the Military Police while his father worked in the Survey Corps. At a young point in his life, Kuroko's father had died in combat, instead of his mother taking care of him, he was sent away in the care of the Military Police, at the age of 14, the Military Police had informed him of his mother's death, but they didn't tell what the cause of it was. Eventually, the Military Police had left him to the streets. Instead of commiting crimes and robberies however, Kuroko has decided to join the 105th trainees and live in the comfort of the Military Police again.

Character StatisticsEdit


  • Kuroko means "Strong-willed," while Akuhei means "Evil."


"You know what? I do have a problem with the Survey Corps. They're risking their lives just for the sake of humanity, and yet they always come back with a large amount of casualties. Even though they do, they STILL decide to recruit more people, I think the Survey Corps is just a waste of funding!" - Kuroko to Miles