Jack Steen
Jack Steen
Nickname n/a
Status Alive
Reddit Username Jackstor
Basic Information
Birthday May 2nd 837
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5'11"
Weight n/a
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type O+
Affiliates n/a
Place of Birth Trost
Professional Status
Rank Private
Base of Operations Military Complex, Trainee Camp
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad 107th Trainee Squad

Jack Steen is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Jack can be composed, but he knows how to laugh and enjoy himself for the most part, being a regularly good natured potty mouth and making jokes consistently. He tries to get along with everyone, hate just not being in his nature. He will go out of his way to support and encourage those he cares for.

He will usually avoid a conflict with other people; even if it makes him look weak or vulnerable. He abhors the idea of humans fighting amongst themselves. The only time he will initiate a physical conflict is when it will protect himself or another.

He is fairly obstinate in his own views, but he never tries to force his ideals on others. He highly respects most people of higher standing, figuring they've earned their place.

When under pressure, he can be quite bullheaded. He will often fail to plan out many things, a flaw especially damaging in combat. He prefers to have an active physical role in most activites.


Loose brown hair comes down his face, framing his even darker brown eyes. 5'11" and broader shoulders give the impression of strength which is normally enough to deter someone looking for a fight.

His collared grey shirt is worn and slightly frayed but clean, contrasting with the rest of his comparatively pristine uniform.


Jack was born in the Trost district in 837, his mother, Joanna Steen, working as a prostitute to support him and his older sister, Helen, who was born two years prior. The children's fathers were just two clients that she happened to get unlucky with, but she cared and raised both children none the less. All his sister dreamt about was joining the Survey Corps, which inspired Jack to go on to join the Military.

Often the children were left in their meager home at night as their mother went about her only means of income and were left in the care of friends that she worked with; unfortunately, she chose the wrong woman one night. In 842, when Jack was five and Helen was seven, Helen had awoken to the woman standing above them with a man, discussing how much she was going to be paid for the two of them.

Helen screams, throwing herself at the woman, determined to stop them taking Jack. The woman, being unable to control Helen, slices her throat. The man bolts, leaving the woman dazed from the experience of slashing through a child's neck. She wails and scrambles away from the home.

Jack had awoken upon hearing Helen's scream, but was frozen by fear. By the time he had mustered the courage to crawl to his sister's side, she had passed on.

Jack's mother had a job offered to her by a Garrison member, Heinrik Menester, who was one of the men sent to deal with the crime. It was low wage, serving as a maid for his household, but she and her remaining child were given shelter. As time went by, Jack came to respect the Garrison due to Heinrik's benevolent actions.

The MP arranged for a small home, albeit an improvement to their original, to be sorted for Jack and his mother as they had grown on him for the year she had worked for him. Jack lived like this for eight years until Trost was breached and they had to relocate inside wall Rose using the money they had accumulated. For two years, Jack convinced himself of how he needed to join the Military, leading to his eventual decision to leave in 850 and become a Trainee.

Character StatisticsEdit


Despite his convictions of having to earn life, he genuinely doesn't want to die. He fears it; but he knows full well the risks he faces with enrollment. He also regrets leaving his mother, but she understood it was something he had to do. Jack told his mother that he was leaving to carry on Helen's dream, but that is only part of the reason, as he also personally believes he must go through the Military to prove himself worthy of living.

He plays piano!


"Do you think they're laughing at us? The Titans, I mean. We're in the walls to stop the Titans killing us, and yet we kill each other. We make their job easier. They must get a good laugh from that, eh?" Something he thinks of everyday.

"Better men than I have fought the Titans and have died for their efforts. I need to earn the right to live, so I'll go through what they did. I'll fight the Titans or die trying." His goal in life. To prove to himself he deserves to live.