Harold Roberts
Harold Roberts original
Nickname n/a
Status Alive
Reddit Username /u/theonetruething
Basic Information
Birthday 29 January
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 1.86m
Weight 72kg
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type AB
Affiliates Charles Roberts (father- deceased)

Julie (pronounced, YOO-LEE) Roberts (mother)

Mia Rauch ('her'- deceased)

Place of Birth Trost
Professional Status
Rank Private
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation 105th Trainee Squad
Squad n/a

Harold Roberts is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Harold is constantly motivated by an attitude to obtain as much knowledge as he can on generally everything. Animals, plants, the stars and, particularly, titans. Because of this, he has an incredibly strong will and, when faced with a difficult physical task, will do all he can to overcome it, motivated by his aim to understand titans better. He's generally quite pleasant, though often shy on first encounters, and is eager to talk about titans, 3DMG, or anything else which he has studied, which is pretty much everything. One thing he adamantly will defend is the concept of 'humanity', and he firmly believes that the world will get better, if everyone contributes their gifts to making the world a better place (both inside the walls, and out).


Harold has curly, dark brown hair that half-covers his ears and large green eyes that are constantly studying something. He is quite tall, taller than most and is reasonably built, and despite not being very strong, doesn't fully know his own strength. His hands are thin and delicate. When reading, he wears small circular spectacles, which, when not reading, he holds somewhere on his shirt (the neckline or pocket).


Harold was born into a fairly middle-class family, who raised him well and loved him. His father fixed cannons and wagons for the military, so Harold was always aware of the importance of the Garrison and the Survey Corps, and how desperate they often were. Both of his parents (mainly his mother), would often read to him stories and, in the case of his father, stories which talked about the stars, philosophy and history. His mother generally read him fairy tales, and many of them she wrote herself (which Harold has never known).

His education was a relatively good one. He excelled in all subjects (with the exception of sports and art, though he was noted for his singing), particularly the sciences, as he was constantly asking to find out more and was driven by his desire to learn. His education on titans was very limited, so he often asked his father about them. When he did, his father would shrug and say "If you see one son... turn and run and never look at again"; Harold was too young to understand this at the time.

When Harold was 9, he met a girl called Mia Rauch. She had long black hair and calming, brown eyes and would always make Harold feel incredibly happy, just by entering the room. They became great friends and, over time, even more. Harold vowed that when he turned 16, he would plan to live with her for the rest of his days. But unfortunately, Mia did not live to that day, as during the fall of Wall Rose and the Battle of Trost, a titan killed her, whilst Harold watched. A member of the Survey Corps quickly killed that titan, but he didn't reach it in time and no-one else saw her death.

After Mia's death, Harold thought about his future. Originally, he planned to head to the inner wall and study everything, focusing around titans particularly. But he changed his mind, realising that the only way that humanity was going to win, would be if he actually fought. He signed up to military and, despite the distress of his mother, his father encouraged him.

Harold graduated from training and, followed his vow and joined the Survey Corps. Along the way, he met April Schulze, Rocket Fyer and Fredrick Mahler. During training, Harold promised to help Fredrick on his quest to kill the man who murdered Fredrick's parents, which is another reason why he stuck with joining the Survey Corps. But the decision was not easy, as Harold had to face his himself, having an enormous internal conflict about his moral 'duty'. In the end, Harold overcame his fears, and chose to continue with his chosen path. Rocket and April also influenced Harold, making him realise that the Survey Corps won't be the end but the beginning, and he'll still have time to make astronomical observations. 

After the battle of Karanese, Harold participated in an investigation into the corruption within the Garrison, but after that, his father fell gravely ill and urgently rushed out to a village just north of Trost. Unfortunately, Harold did not make it there in time, and faced a devastating emotional blow. As such, his mind became weaker, and his resolve and faith in humanity decreased. As he began to question the purpose of his struggle, and even if Mia was relevant anymore, Harold began a downwards spiral. However, during the preparation for the festival, he began to notice the joy in living again, yet a part of him will never be the same again.

Just as Harold was starting to recover almost fully, the identity of the Beast Titan was revealed in the fight with the Bone Titan at the mess hall, leading to a dramatic and deadly battle. Harold saw a lot of death in that time, and began to internally question what it meant to fight, and whether it was worth anything. The events took a huge emotional and also a physical toll on him, having poorer vision in his left eye due to permanent scarring of the left half of his face and eye, having his right arm in a sling for weeks, and unable to operate 3DMG as his hand was broken in many places and rendered useless until he recovered.

Upon learning of Captain Friday's imprisonment, and also the identity and aim of Alexei Tokarev, Harold considered two options. Firstly, to break out Friday to avoid a huge injustice, as well as owing him for letting Harold go so easily to visit his family when his father died. And secondly, and more risky, Harold wants to hunt down and kill Tokarev, for his crimes against humanity. Harold greatly opposes the views and work of Tokarev and what he consider beneficial to humanity, and also after the events he's experienced, he has become more comfortable with the ideas of murder, and retribution.

Character StatisticsEdit


Harold is completely unaware that his mother has hundreds of her own short stories hidden away in a secret hatch in their pantry, which she has never told anyone about. He also lacks confidence when it comes to his physique, but he has full confidence in his mind and is stronger than he knows. Harold also possesses numerous designs for anti-titan weaponry, all of which exploit key flaws, both theoretical and actual, in the titans' anatomy such as their dependence on light, the heat that possibly causes their regeneration and the nape of their neck.


"Never stop fighting Harold. If the world knocks you down, get back up and fight for yourself, Mia and humanity! And for God's sake, don't die!"- Charles Roberts

"I love you so much, you know that right?"- Mia Rauch

"Are you sure you can handle it?!"- Drill Sergeant Homer Lockett