Harkon Strats (Arthur K. Weismann)
Harkon Strats 3
Nickname Mood Breaker


Status Alive
Reddit Username ThatGUYthe2nd
Basic Information
Birthday n/a 
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 5"9'
Weight n/a
Species Shifter
Race n/a
Blood Type n/a
Affiliates Simon Strats (Dad - SC - dead)

Mira Strats (Mom - dead)

Eddard Strats (Uncle - MP - dead)

Leah Strats (Aunt - dead)

Serena Strats (Supposed relative - Alive)

Place of Birth Trost
Professional Status
Rank Assisting Officer
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation 106th Trainee squad
Squad n/a

Harkon Strats is a private in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans. He is currently a member of the Survey Corps


Harkon is generally quite relaxed but due to a lack of social skills finds it hard to react correctly to people he has just met. Although he is quite playfull and often considered to be the comic-relief of the 106th, He has got a serious side that people rarely get to see. Unlike how he normally is when his is in his serious side he becomes cold towards others showing, no mercy to whoever he faces. He could even take things way to far when in his serious side. His serious side could be referred to as a split personality. Regardless of which personality Harkon is in, he still has his underlining compulsion to protect his comrades and friends.

Harkon has lately become obsessed with creating chemical substances such as Chloroform. Despite the large amount of substances he produces, he never uses much and most of them sit on the shelf.  


Harkon is of average height. He has a head of black hair with a grey tuft on his left side which he keeps covered. His hair reaches down to just below his eyes. His hair is neither neat nor unkempt. His face has average features with nothing special. He owns a torn Survey Corps cloak which belonged to his dad, he only wears it when he sneaks out for extra training and tries to hide it from others.

For casual ware Harkon normaly wears a white jacket with a fur collar and a pattern made out of Lamé. Underneath his jacket he'll wear a black or grey shirt with varius white patterns on them. This is the opposite of the hybrid that attacked Harkon as he wears black jackets and white shirts.

Due to a strange regeneration Harkon's right arm below just above the elbow looks different to his left. As such he has to keep it covered by a bandage and gloves, otherwise people would notice.

Harkon also owns two black coats, one with a hood and one without. He normally wears these coats when he wants to use his Black key blades, or when he doesn't want to be noticed. 

  • Harkon with his bandage down
  • Harkon in his jacket
  • Harkon using Black Keys
  • Harkon-Chan is so Kawaii


Being born in Trost his mother died giving birth to him. With no mother to look after him and his dad being away in active service with the Survey Corps he went to go live with his aunt and uncle in the interior. 

With his uncle in the Military Police he had quite a privileged life while in the interior. He used to recive visits from his dad whenever he could. Since the day of his arrival he was groomed to have a military career he recived training from both his uncle and his dad (whenever possible) everyday. Both his uncle and his dad were in the top ten of their class, and they both encouraged Harkon to achieve that aswell.

Harkon was happy until he recived news that his Dad was killed in action. Both him and his aunt left for Trost so that they could attend the funeral. After the funeral had taken place the officer that was in charge of Harkon's dad gave him his torn Survey Corps cloak as a memento of his dad. While in Trost Harkon's aunt fell ill so they decided to stay until she recovered. While staying at Trost they had recived news that Harkon's uncle had also been killed by thugs. Deep down both Harkon and his aunt knew that his uncle had actually been killed corrupt MPs that he had been close to exposing. Shortly after his aunt passed away from a broken heart. Now alone Harkon decided to join the trainees so that he could put all of his families efforts to use and not let all those days he spent training be in vain.   


Training arcEdit

During the first day of training Harkon introduced himself too drill sergeant Dan Tailor. During which they discuss Harkon's ideals and the possible danger that completeing his duty no matter what may present for him. After the conversation was finished Harkon recalled that what Dan had said coincided with something his own farther had said.

After the first day came the 3DMG aptitude test, Harkon got tested near to the end of the day. He started off strong until he mistakenly said that he could stay suspended as long as he needed too. The drill sergeant then said that he could stay up there for three hours. Harkon made a good attempt but eventually he began to feel the pain from the stress being put on his body. Luckily assistant Mullen let him down before he could come to serious harm.

Next came 3DMG training, Harkon ever eager ran ahead of the others to get there first. When he got there he was greated by Dan who told him to settle down. Harkon was then instructed to soot the hooks into the gas and reel in, resulting in Harkon sliding around. After being told to play with the gas a little bit Harkon improved with his sliding, until he tripped over the hooks and landed face first which Dan seemed to enjoy. After a while of sliding around Harkon eventually met trainee Vale sien?

Next came the track and field day in which Harkon met Hannah Stark, Zia Eberhart and Ryker Maverick. They met after Harkon tried to dart away from the crowd, but tripped and fell on his face. This lead to Hannah Stark offering to pair up with him, only because she thought that she wouldn't look as bad compared to him. They were then joined by Zia Eberhart who thought that they were practiscing martial arts. After they cleared up the misconception about why Harkon was on the ground they decided to join up together. The group decided that they should start with a sprint. As they were about to start they were joined by Ryker Maverick who came in late. Then they all set off and started the race. Harkon was going to win, until he tripped up and hit his face against the ground HARD. Before Zia completed the race he stopped to see if Harkon  was okay. What Zia recived was a thumbs up and and uninteligatble answer, due to the dirt that was stuck in Harkon's mouth. After getting the dirt out his mouth Harkon told Zia that it wasn't the first time that he had fallen flat on his face. It was at this time also, that Hannah stated that Harkon had a certain affinity to the ground.

Next came the Martial arts training in which oncew again Harkon fell over. This time however he kept sliding and collided into another trainee, who turned out to be Hannah Stark. Hannah then suggested that they should spar as a way for getting her revenge on Harkon. He was reluctant to agree when he revealed that he doesn't hit girls, Hannah then used this to her advantage as she could attack him without retalitaion. After getting beaten around by Hannah, she decided that they sould do some disarms. Harkon jumped at the chance as he was more proficient with weapons than he was with his fists, and he was able to fight back. After countering Hannah's disarm move, she resolved that Harkon was training off her and not the other way around.

During the night, Harkon was in the mess hall with several other trainees. This was when Eirc Thomas had his critism indused breakdown due to Hannah stark. Like several trainees at the table Harkon was surprised at Eric passing out, but he was one of the first to act. While Hannah was trying to get Eric to come around Harkon had a stroke of briliance. He took the bread from the table and used it to revive Eirc. After which Harkon dispared after losing his piece of bread by slamming his head into the table. Afterwards when they were talking to Dan Taylor Harkon was confused as to why he was also being punnished. stating that all he did was revive someone with bread, and he wasn't pleased when he also was being punnished despite only involving himself to revive Eric. During the punishment Harkon got annoyed at the statew in which the dishes were left,  to the point where he took a knife and chisled away at the food that had been baked onto the cooking pot.

Character StatisticsEdit

Harkon Strats placed 2nd in the top ten of his class. This is the description used by Sergeant Dan

"Harkon Strats - He obviously went through military training before coming here. His martial art skills are refined. His usage of the 3DMG is top notch. He's moving fast, strikes accurately and overall his very good at using every feature of the gear to his advantage while staying very efficient. His leadership skills are above average. He can keep a clear mind and listens to orders but isn't afraid to speak up."

Titan kills: 6

Human kills: 40ish

Humans healed: 0 (Why is this even a stat for Harkon?)

Hybrid kills : 3


Since Harkon got attacked by the hybrid, he has stepped up the equipment that he uses.

Black key blades.Edit

These long almost sword like knives are Harkon's new primary weapon. He owns eight Black Keys in total, six for use and two spare. The black keys themselves are very rare and hard to find, as they are very hard to use correctly they are not normally used, and therefore they were not massed produced. Harkon recived his Black Keys from the will of Icarus Blackwell. The way Black Keys are used is by holding them between the
Scan0001 (6)

Harkon using Black Keys

users fingures and by manipulating the palm of the hand to give support to the blade. Because of the way the blades need to be used the user can only strike towards the other side of his body, and stab forward. Despite having eight it's highly unlikely that Harkon will use more than three at a time, as they are precious and if he loses them all at once he'll be at a disadvantage. The most amount of Black Keys that can be used comfortably at one time is six, it is possible with great difficulty to wield eight Black Keys. Harkon will only use his Black Keys when he is wearing his black coats, otherwise they are uncomfortable to store on his person. It is currently unknown if there are any other Black Keys in production.

Throwing knives  Edit

Harkon owns multiple throwing knives which he carries on him at all times regardless of apparel. He has no problem alternating between throwing and stabbing with them. This was shown when he quicly overwhelmed the hybrid by quickly alternating between slashing and throwing. Harkon's throwing knives differ from Serena's as his are longer and require more skill to use.


Along with his other gear Harkon also uses the military standard issue 3DMG. Due to the amount of work it takes to get his 3DMG from the shed without anyone noticing Harkon rarely uses it without military permission. When Harkon gets to use his 3DMG however he uses it with skill and percision that landed him the 2nd place on the top ten trainee list.

Chloroform and PhosgeneEdit

Harkon also carries several breakable viles of Chloroform and Phosgene. He uses each type of bottle respectively with the former being used for non-lethal uses and the latter being used for lethal uses. Despite Phosgene being deadly, Harkon doesn't carry enough of it on him to kill someone right off. It instead is used for crippling his opponent and then leading to them either being finnished off or left to the effects.


Eric Thomas Edit

Along with Hannah Stark, Eric is Harkons best friend and one of the few people Harkon talks too on a regular basis. They are able to poke fun at each other without coming to odds. Both seem to enjoy bread but Eric definatly has more love for it than Harkon.

Hannah StarkEdit

Along with Eric Thomas, Hannah Is one of Harkons best friends. Despite them sometimes being at odds due to Harkon's highjinks, they show concern for one another when it matters. After the event on Stray thorns a serious strain is put on their relationship. After Hannah ignores his original warning about Tokarev, he goes to confront her about the rumors about her work. He tried to be supportive of Hannah despite the aggressive tone that she took with him. He even went as far as to warn her that she should be careful as he is the last friend she has got left. Despite his best efforts to get Hannah to open up, but he is eventually pushed over the edge when she calls him a monster (The Idea of which Harkon had confided to Hannah earlier). He manages to bounce off everyone of Hannah's insults and eventually becomes violent, threatening her to hand over her notebook. Before he comes to blows with her however, he manages to stop himself after seeing how broken she had become. He then leaves to go question Tokarev but Hannah stops him through beating on his chest and crying. Despite all she said, this proved to him that she still cared about him enough to stop him from walking into a death trap. Despite this however he still leaves to investigate Hannah's work and punish the ones responsible for making her the way she is.

Serena Strats Edit

Serena is Harkon's sister and despite how their relationship may seem at first, the two share an inseparable bond and care for each other very much. Harkon and Serena are the last two surviving members of the Strats family and as such they constantly worry about the safety of the other (They have no concern for their own safety.). In earlier life Harkon was overprotective of Serena and was constantly "Watching out for her." as they got older however their roles have swapped and now Serena is the one who is constantly "Watching out for." Harkon.

Icarus BlackwellEdit

Harkon's and Icarus' relationship is strange. Icarus knows who Harkon is and that he is a shifter, as well as spending a great deal of time with both him and Serena. However Harkon has no memory or recolection of who Icarus is, and he is surprised when he recieves the Black Key blades that were left to him in Icarus' will. Icarus was also the one who taught Harkon how to create substances such as Chloroform. Icarus appears to know Harkon well, down to his habits and his proficency with blades.

Mysterious HybridEdit

Being the Hybrid that attacked Harkon in the warehouse, they have a hostile relationship. As the Hybrid states Harkon is nothing more that a mongrel and is bellow him. However as Harkon might think that he's a stuck-up prick, Harkon slightly envys him as he got as strong as he did without throwing anything away (Besides his humanity) as he has made no sacrifices to gain what he has and unlike Harkon he can stand by the side of the ones he cares about, whereas Harkon can protect the ones he cares for but can never stand by their side. Despite this however their relationship has slowly improved as they are getting round to violence a lot later after meating, and instead chat and debate about their Ideals


Harkon falls flat on his face a lot during untested practises, but during tests has above exceptional movement and control.

Harkon almost crippled himself during the 3DMG aptitude test, when he unwittingly agreed to stay suspended for three hours. Luckily the Assistant Mullen let him down before he came to harm.

During a camping exercise Harkon was the only one to go search for a river. During his search he go into a brawl with a bear. Despite being unarmed Harkon managed to fight off the bear, in an attempt to kill it, Harkon fired both of his hooks into the bear. This lead to Harkon getting dragged around by the bear. Earlier Harkon had joked with trainee Eric Thomas about getting dragged around by a bear for a challenge that the drill sergeant would probably set.

Due to Harkon's training he has a distinct advantage over other trainees in hand to hand practises.

At some point Harkon promised not to hit girls. However he says that it only extends to his fist and that using a weapon is okay.

Harkon got his nickname from when he broke the mood between Eric Thomas and Hannah Strark.

Serena Strats calls Harkon big brother yet it is unknown if they are actually related as Harkon's Mom died at child birth. And his uncle and aunt were childless. 

Came #2 in the top ten beating both his dad and uncle at #4 and #5.

He thinks that giving a baby chloroform is a viable solution.

Harkon is better with swords, knives, sticks, and shivs then he is with his fists.

Being Harkon is suffering.

Harkon has the largest wiki

Harkon-Chan is not a mongrel 


"" In reply to an awkward statement

"ow..wowo..ww." Instantly after falling on his face.

"Use your maternal instincts or something to tell me what it wants..... please? It wouldn't stop crying..... I had to make chloroform and give it to it to make it sleep." To Hannah stark in regards to a baby.

"Yeah I'm a monster that much is true, I would a happily leave a sea of corpses in my wake to defend my friends. But the thing is Hannah I'll do bad things for selfless and selfish reasons but I don't intend to live in the world I create when I'm done! You however are doing horrible things and when your finished your going to live in that perfect world that you made others suffer for so that you could make it! That's what makes me better than you! I came here to help you so that I could be the monster in your place but all you've done is lie to my face, and rejected my help. I may be a monster or a villain or whatever you want to call me, BUT! I have standards I would never harm innocent people!" - Harkon on his morals.

"Listen, I'm only going to bother to look after the people listed in my notebook. The titans and shifters pose a threat to all of humanity. And among those people are the ones in my book. You can see the reason if you apply basic logic to the situation." - Harkon on his compulsion to help his friends.

"He..hehe" - Psychopathic giggling