'Hannah Stark'
Hannah avataredit
Nickname none yet
Status Alive
Reddit Username /u/PlainSmart
Basic Information
Birthday April 10
Gender female
Age 14/17
Height 163 cm
Weight 55 kg
Species human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type AB-
Affiliates not to be disclosed
Place of Birth Mitras (Interior)
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations Karanese
Affiliation Trainee Corps
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad support

Hannah Stark is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.

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Hannah has had a troubled childhood, consisting mostly of loneliness. Being not able to trust people easily, she is not prone to make many friends. Usually she come of as kind, but reserved. She would never try and insult anyone just for the sake of it, since she's both diplomatic and calculating. Her past has caused her to develop self-doubts about her worth as friend, comrade or even human being. This being said, she seems to be highly intelligent and has had a thorough education in many different sectors.

After the events of 'Brutus': Dead or Aliveand What if? Hannah has come to terms with both her past and her personality, which changes the way she acts and looks at her own life drastically. No longer is she merely pitying herself for her life, but starts to live in the moment, resulting in a romantic relationship with Eric. She sees her worth now and is eager to work hard to prove it to society and her friends. She became much more cheerful, passionate and curious about every aspect of life itself.



Third year of Training and Post-Training

Hannah is of average height and a delicate, but feminine, figure. Although the training has caused her to built up quite some muscle mass, this isn't apparent and makes it easy for her to be mistaken for a civilian.

Her eyes are of a deep blue and always looking around curiously trying to soak in every detail of her surroundings. Her wavy, auburn hair has a tendency to fall into her face.

Hannah can be described as beautiful or cute. She is attractive but the aura surrounding her is more that of an "girl-next-door".

Nag wek

First and second year of training


Hannah grew up in the inner area of Mitras, not in the center, but close to it. She did not have many, if any, friends growing up and her parents kept her locked up from the outside. Most of the time she was either studying or bored and looking out the window, watching the rich crowds pass on the street.

Half a year after Hannah turned 14 years old, she decided to run from home and seek shelter in the military. She opened up to Eric about her motives and Harkon overheard it in A Night to Remember.

Trainee CampEdit

- recruit line up: weak - never outstanding in any way - shows medical skills - teamleader skills - graduation

Investigation LogsEdit

#1 Mitras, Late Autumn 854, MP HQ; Suspect Hannah Stark, Session 1:Edit

Well, Captain Stark, how are we feeling today?
You tell me! How should I feel, being locked up here for no reason?
Oh... We do have a reason though? Several in fact... Don't we? Here, let me read you the list of charges one more time:
  1. identity fraud
  2. medical mispractice
  3. disclosure of secret documents, property of the MP and the king himself
  4. torture
  5. treason against the king and humanity
  6. manslaughter
Are you ready to talk yet?
About what? These are false accusations and you know it! It was you, who twisted the facts in the first place! I am not going to confess and make myself your trophy!
Is that so?
Yes, I have rights too and I would be worried if I were you! There are people out there looking for me and they won't ever rest doing so. You are done for!
Calm yourself, no need to get upset. Are you trying to threaten me? Do you really think that will accomplish anything?
Ha, I was not threatening you... Would a god threaten an ant? I was warning y- ARGH!
SHUT UP YOU STUPID BITCH! You are under my control! I would play it safe if I were you!
Great, now there is blood on my shoes... Guards! Take her back to her cell. No bread, no water... NOTHING! She will break, I'll see to that... She will tell me these FUCKING NAMES!


Hannah's two best friend Eric Thomas and Harkon Strats are very dear to her and her main encouragement to keep doing what she does in the beginning of her military career.

Eric Thomas

Eric is Hannah's first and best friend. She first notices him in Bread for your Troubles for the first time and has an outbreak which subsequently causes Eric to faint, due to remembering a forgotten past. During The Guilty Party ResidesHannah finally decides to have people get near to her, while she was hesitant to bond with others before. Their relationship becomes one of friendship, with Harkon also being part of the increasingly inseparable group.
In the time that follows the friendship strengthens and although Hannah initially still keeps her feelings and sincere emotions to herself in The Hunger Games, she develops a mild crush on Eric after these events.
At the end of training and during the events of At the End of all Things, and A Night to Remember, Hannah and Eric have almost developed a romantic relationship, but are still afraid to confess their feelings and ruin the status quo. During A Night to Remember Hannah tells Eric many things about her past and what made her who she is.
Following the events of 'Brutus': Dead or Alive, Hannah meets Eric on the wall and after Eric told her about his past in The Wilting Rose, Hannah comforts him and they become a couple.
Their romantic relationship deepens during a horror trip into Hannah's psyche and subconscious while both of them are dreaming and their love reaches its momentary peak during a date in the Courtyard of the Military Complex.

Harkon Strats

Harkon is also a good friend of Hannah's. After she achieves a romantic relationship with Eric, she considers Harkon her best friend. Hannah's feelings towards Harkon resemble these of siblings. Since Hannah was an only child, she fills this void by seeing Harkon as a brother-figure. This image of hers gets challenged during Sibling Complex, where she is confronted with Harkon's real sister. Trying to defend her territory the situation nearly escalates.
Hannah is heart-broken about Harkon joining the Survey Corps, but puts back how she feels about it in favor of supporting Harkon in his decision.
Hannah likes to tease Harkon even more than Eric, but never with ill intentions. When Harkon takes care of a baby during the evacutation of Karanese she starts to think of him very highly.

Character StatisticsEdit

Titan kills: -

Individuals saved/helped: 5

Closed Cases: -


Hannah's Room in the Military Complex

Forrest likes this character way more than his first one and intentionally killed Lucas Mayers off asap to focus on Hannah. (What a jerk!)

Forrest spend more time reading up on herbal medicine for her character than he did for class on one day.

Hannah likes to light-heartedly tease her friends.

Hanna0h, although a strong and idependent girl, knows how to use her innocent appearance and her acting skill to her advantage. Also she often relies on the "miserable, crying or pouting girl" - act to get what she wants.

Hannah's favorite colour is light-green. Hannah's favourite food is gruel, while her favourite fruit is lemon. Or orange, she can't decide. While we are at it: She really likes white as a colour too! It's like her fav- no second favourite! Oh, and pink! Pink is nice too! Though not that completely bright pink! That hurts her eyes. She has a thing for funny guys... Well, you can't be picky in the military... Let's just say she has a thingy for guys...


I won't bother to find it now, but essentially anything that Eric or Harkon said to her regarding friendship or anything Eric told her about how much he loves her and how he thinks of her when they were by themselves.