Gryf Gerrard
Nickname Mastermind
Status Alive
Reddit Username /u/ErkeyfromTurkey
Basic Information
Birthday July 14th
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 5'11"
Weight 180
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type B+
Affiliates Sora Gerrard (Mother/Died at Birth)

Kakashi Gerrard (Father)

Danael Gerrard (Brother/Deceased)

Place of Birth Stohess District
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation n/a
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad n/a

Gryf Gerrard is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Gryf prides him self on being a startegist. He will usually analize everything and try to find the best path to solving any problem. He is very nice and respects those who respect him back. He feels respect needs to be earned to those who are not above him in power. He is very respectful of those above him in command.


Gryf always wear his googles on his head. He has brown spiky hair and brown eyes.


Gryf was born and lived with his father and brother in the Stohess District. His mother died giving birth to him so he never knew her. Gryf always had a special connection with his brother Danael and wanted to be like him. He wanted to go into the Garrison with his brother and fight by him side by side. Sadly during the battle of Trost, Danael gave his life to save his little brother, pushing him out of the way of a falling metal pole. The first time Gryf ever saw a Titan was at that moment and it was coming over to him and his impaled brother. Gryf tried very hard to free his brother but his brother told him he was going to die and for Gryf to run. His brother took out his Harmonica he would always play to Gryf when he was a kid to help him sleep and hanned it to him. Danael then told Gryf he would be a great soldier like him and probaly better. As the Titan got closer Daneal glanced at it and then back to Gryf. He then said, "Don't forget, I will always love you. Now Run!". With thet Gryf took off and could only hear the crunching of his brothers bones as he fleed. The only thing Gryf has to remember his brother by is his brothers harmonica. He has vowed to become one of the best in the Garrison and makes sure no one else has to go through what he had gone through.

Character StatisticsEdit