<<Fredrick Mahler>>
Nickname n/a
Status Deceased
Reddit Username /u/RPAccount76
Basic Information
Birthday April 19
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 190 cm
Weight 70 kg
Species Human
Race German
Blood Type A+
Affiliates n/a
Place of Birth Stohess
Professional Status
Rank Private
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation 105 Trainee Regiment
Squad n/a

Fredrick Mahler was a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Fredrick had a kind personality, and didn't take things very seriously. He rarely held grudges against people, but when he did, he held them for a long time.


Fredrick was tall and had an average, though slightly slender, build. He had dark black hair and dark blue eyes.


Fredrick was born in Stohess. He joined the military when he turned 14, planning to join the Military Police or the Garrison. That changed after his parents were killed. He wants revenge against the person who he holds responsible for killing his parents, a certain member of the Survey Corps. He planned to join the Survey Corps to get revenge against this person. He made the top ten at place ten, but still decided to join the Survey Corps. During training, he befriended Harold Roberts and Christine Summa. He fell in love with Christine, and after she died, he vowed to kill all titans to avenge her, and to atone for being unable to save her.

His depression only got worse as time went by, until he eventually killed himself.

Character StatisticsEdit




Fredrick tries to reassure Christine. "If we survive, we won't die!"

"I've been trying for months now to find a way of living without her. I can't do it. Rocket, Daria, this is not your fault. I have failed to protect the ones I cared about. I have always failed to do what is right. Now, I hope to change that. I'm sorry." - Fredrick's Suicide Note