Eric Thomas
Nickname Dough Boy
Status Alive
Reddit Username askull100
Basic Information
Birthday Dec 20
Gender Male
Age 15/ 18
Height 5'8"
Weight 190
Species Human
Race n/a
Blood Type B+
Place of Birth Karanese
Professional Status
Rank Private
Affiliation Military Police
Squad 106th
Eric Thomas is a male Trainee from the 106th Trainee Corps. He is Caucasian, above average in height, and has an almost addictive love of bread. 


Eric is a fun loving, down-to-earth kinda guy. He has been known to be strong, both in body and mind, but his past has been known to be his one great weakness. He cares for his teammates enough to come to their aid when they are in definite peril, but he also knows when to back off and let them grow on their own.


Eric thomas picture
Eric Thomas is a decently tall Caucasian male, with brown hair and an above average build. He has longish hair, and red eyes.


Originally, Eric's past was largely shrouded in mystery, even to him. He was thought to have originally lived in Trost, and it was implied that something terrible happened that caused him to leave home, in order to find his father and mother (who had previously fled this terrible event).

However, due to the story presented in The Wilting Rose, we now know Eric's true past. His name was, originally, Haydon Cline. He lived with his father and mother in Karanese, where they worked as woodworkers. Haydon's mother was killed by a bandit, who was later caught and executed publicly. Haydon witnessed this execution and developed a justice complex, believing that anyone willing to harm another human being deserves death. 

Years later, on his birthday, Haydon is attacked by a homeless girl named Rose Thomas. She wanted his money and the meat he was planning on trading for it, but left him be after he displayed kindness to her (this being due to the fact that Rose has a deeply seeded fear of men, from unknown events). After bringing back the illegal meat, Haydon's father chastises him for being careless with their money, forgetting that Haydon bought the meat for his birthday. So, degected at his efforts, Haydon finds Rose in the middle of the night and gives her the meat. During their meal, Haydon makes an offer for Rose to stay with him and his father, where she would have food, clothing and water. She considers the thought for a month, before she finally accepts and joins their family.

A month later, on the anniversary of his mother's death, Haydon's father goes out to the bar, even inviting Rose to come with him. Rose declines, later telling Haydon how his father reminds her of her own, before he went crazy and burned down her familiy's home. 

Later that night, Haydon's father returns and sees the two of them on the roof. Drunk, and jealous of Haydon's romance, Haydon's father pushes his son off the roof, and captures Rose. Upon awakening, Haydon finds out that Rose has been raped by his father, causing Haydon's justice complex to kick into overdrive. He takes an axe and murders his father. Moments later, after Rose begs Haydon to kill her, Haydon screams and lodges the axe in her neck. In complete self-shock, Haydon runs away and "resets" himself. He forgets everything about his old life, and places in memories of his parents being alive and in Mitras. He then leaves a note on Rose's corpse, indicating this. Upon waking, Haydon Cline dies and is replaced with the blank slate known as Eric Thomas.

After leaving home, Eric needed a place to stay, so he worked for a Baker in Mitras in exchange for a room and some food. This lasted for around a year before the Bakery went out of business, and Eric was forced to leave. This is around the time that he learned how the military was recruiting, and decided to find his parents by diving right into the MP.

When he first came to the Trainee Corps, Eric made a big first impression with the Drill Sergeant and his teammates, coming off as more of a joke character or comic relief. He tends to stay out of more serious situations, if he can help it, but is always willing to lend a hand (emotional or physical) when his teammates need it. 

During his time at the Trainee Corps, Eric has been noted to have a distinct love of bread, well known to all of his teammates. This can be traced back to Eric's time as a baker, but why he would consider something as mundane as fresh bread a delicacy is beyond any of his fellow Trainees. 

Brutus Arc

Before Brutus, Eric is still solidifying his relationship with Hannah, and is unsure of his exact relationship with Harkon. He is also still rather naive as a soldier, and has yet to experience an real scars of war. During the events of Brutus, Eric works with Harkon and Maes in order to keep the evacuating citizens safe from Titans. During an attack, Eric discovers his abandoned house, and regains all of his lost memories. Later on, after the investigation is over, he confesses his crimes to Hannah, who comforts him. The two later start a romantic relationship. 

Alexei Tokarev Arc

During the Tokarev Arc, Eric plays a "pillar" role for Hannah, the arc's main character. He is there to support Hannah in any way that he can, or so he believes. 

The two of them are assigned to investigating who took the live Titan that had been captured earlier. It is revealed, through difficult interrogation, that a single soldier was payed to let someone into the area and take the Titan themselves. Eric, Hannah, and Arend make their way to an abandoned shack, where the soldier goes to receive his payment. The three soldiers surround the shack, and ambush the mysterious man, only for him to get an opportunity to escape. 

Eric and Arend chase him above ground while Hannah chases him through his underground escape route. Hannah finds him first, standing in a cornfield, and he introduces himself as Alexei Tokarev. Eric and Arend arrive just in time to see Hannah unable to defend herself, so Eric leaps into the fray, only to get his leg broken. This, however, buys enough time for Hannah to dry her weapon and point it at Tokarev's head.

During later events, Eric and Hannah take on a side mission to find a woman's lost daughter. As it turns out, however, this woman is Linda Thomas, the daughter of Eric's lost lover Rose Thomas.

During the "heat of battle" Eric accidentally calls Hannah "Rose". This infuriates and saddens her beyond all reason, and he is kicked out of her room. He slowly sinks into depression, and begins sleeping with a gun every night, in case he suddenly loses the will to live. One day, he decides that he can't go on living with his guilt, and confesses his crimes to Linda Thomas. Although she at first believes it to be a joke, Eric confirms that his story is true, to whic she says "I don't think that's very funny, Mr.Thomas". She later kills herself, and has a locket delivered to Eric the next day. Eric believes that she wanted him to continue on living, and so he puts a picture of Hannah in the locket, and stores it in a highly secure wooden box.

Later, he and Hannah meet during Winter Chores, and manage to make up somewhat. Although Hannah is still scarred from her time with Tokarev, she wants to recover her relationship with Eric. 

The two of them attend the Midwinter Ball together, where they have a blast. Literally. During this time, Tokarev invades the party with a shifter, and all hell breaks loose. Eric's right arm is crushed by a boulder, where he is forced to see Hannah get beaten by Tokarev. Eric tries to help Hannah, but Tokarev throws him across the room. There, Eric tries making a molotov cocktail, but his blood keeps it from getting a spark going. Tokarev is about to kill him, when Muscles and Dan Taylor come in and get rid of Tokarev. The two then take our injured heroes to the medical bay.

Alleys of Mitras Arc

Eric learns that his arm has been broken beyond all repair, and that it must be amputated.

Character StatisticsEdit

Eric Thomas placed 4th in the top ten of his class. This is the description used by Sergeant Dan:

"Eric Thomas - His martial arts skill clearly gets outshined by his skill with the 3DMG. Essentially, these skills are very solid, but he has a tendency to become overconfident in his skills, in the midst of battle and tends to pick bad fights. The only thing semingly able to hold him back is the concern of his friends, people he would not hesitate to give his life for. Still, he knows what is best for his team and is prepared to step down or give his all for their sake. Displays great initiative and promise if he keeps working on his skills."

Titan kills: 1

Human kills: 0

Humans healed: 0


Hannah Stark

Hannah, along with Harkon, is one of Eric's best friends. The two are able to relate to each other through their similar troubled pasts, but there seems to be a difference in each that makes them initially afraid of each other. However, after the events that occur in Bread for your TroublesThe Guilty Party Resides and The Hunger Games,  the two of them have grown closer. During the events of At the End of all Things, and A Night to Remember, Eric and Hannah have almost developed a romantic relationship, but there is still something keeping them from expressing their feelings. During the events of 'Brutus': Dead or Alive, Eric and Hannah have finally achieved a romantic relationship. 

Harkon Strats

Harkon, along with Hannah, is one of Eric's best friends. They enjoy spending time together, and seem to influence the outcome of their situations, as seen in The Hunger Games. They are both able to poke fun at each other without seriously butting heads. During the events of 'Brutus': Evacuation, Eric and Harkon have been shown to have an immense trust in each other, being able to work well to bring down Titans together, and even motivating each other to stay alive in the face of certain death.

Daria Shade

Daria is one of Eric's better friends. They could be considered "rivals" more than anything, as they often meet in the Fight Club in order to drink, laugh or get into a brawl. The two are some of the best active fighters in the Fight Club, and some say they could be unstopable as a tag-team.

Zia Eberhart

During training, Zia was Eric's bunkmate and was one of his more distant friends. However, upon graduating and joining the Military Police, Eric and Zia have found a bit of solace in connecting with each other again. They no longer share a room, but still try to talk on a regular basis. 
It is known that Zia is the only one in the Military (thus far) who can rival Eric in terms of eating speed.

Rose Thomas 

A girl who once attacked Eric while he was still known as Haydon Cline, but later moved in and became part of his family. After a series of unfortunate events involving his father, Eric's entire life was thrown into question due to his mercy killing of her. While he hasn't entirely gotten over it, yet, he isn't letting it hold him back. Eric decides to use his memories as a motivation, rather than as a led balloon. 

Ryker Maverick

Are inexplicably best friends. There seems to be some kind of inside joke going on with these two, but nobody seems to know what. As far as anyone can guess, they locked eyes once during the 3D Maneuver Gear Training, and instantly became best friends.