Eragon is a mysterious person, often called a rouge. Not much is known about the rouge, and it is unknown if 'Eragon' is the being's real identity.

Nickname Unknown
Status Alive
Basic Information
Birthday Febuary 14th
Gender Revealed to be Female
Age 18
Height Almost 6"
Weight 125 lbs
Species Titan Shifter
Race Unknown
Blood Type O
Affiliates Neutral
Place of Birth Unknown
Professional Status


Eragon is mysterious, and doesn't entirely talk to anybody. The rouge appears at odd times in odd places. Eragon does not talk because of reasons unknown, and instead communicates by writing. At times the rouge can be very explosive, if Eragon chooses to talk.


The rouge's appearance isn't always visible, but Eragon without a hood turns out to have long, wavy black curls of hair, blue eyes, ivory colored skin and a sharp personality. Upon the first titan transformation Eragon is revealed to be a girl.

Titan Appearance

Eragon's titan form resembles the female titan but is different from it. Her titan has shoulder-length, spiky white hair, and the body is 14m tall. Her facial features include large, fanged teeth, a partially exposed jaw, human like skin, and lean muscle, but there is more of it than one may think. It can take on more hits and damage than any other titan and is quite powerful.


Eragon began concealing her identity around the time a gang of thieves murdered her father. The rouge lives with her mother and siblings: Ivan, who is her younger brother and Trina, her older sister. In the year 855 Eragon encountered a member of the thieves gang, who turned into a titan and nearly killed her. Many others, including her family and friends also saw what happened. Eragon climbed up the body and tore the bandit loose. Shockingly she killed the bandit, and turned into her titan form for the first time, and upon this, absorbed the bandit's power and stealing her form. Eragon went on a rampage in the city and killed many more people until she was brought down by Trina and Ivan. She soon awakened in a prison-cell but managed to escape. She has access to the titan forms of the titan shifters she's killed.