Elisha Wilk
Elisha Wilk
Nickname n/a
Status Alive
Reddit Username /u/TheDerping
Basic Information
Birthday 14th March
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 5'5"
Weight 135 lbs/61 kg
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type O
Affiliates n/a
Place of Birth Stohess
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation 108th Trainee Squad
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad 108th Trainee Squad

Elisha is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Despite being silent, she can express herself through her notebook. The script is usually quite elegant, but depending on situations, it changes. She's quite determined and driven, but she's calm and composed that way. Never really being one to speak out (Or not being able to speak out) can sometimes lead her to be overly angry in certain situations, especially if some people ignore her, but she can be supportive and a good friend if she need to be, along with being a good listener.


She has long black hair, tied up a ponytail to stop it from getting in the way whilst using the 3DMG. Her eyes are dark green and she has a beauty mark just below her mouth to the right. She wears the usual tan Trainee jacket and a black shirt underneath. They're nothing special.


Growing up in Stohess was tough for her. Being a mute at birth, she was made fun of at school occasionally, which attributed to her anger when it comes to being ignored. Being silent, she was always learning to read and write quickly to try to catch up with people that could speak, which was essentially everyone. She learned a bit of sign language, but she often doesn't find anyone to communitcate using it, so she usually resorts to her notebook. At a certain age, when she started hearing about the Titan attacks, the more she thought about it, the more disgusted she got. They were moving in on humanity's territory, eating and killing for no reason whatsoever. It was a horrible thought and she knew they needed to be wiped out and joined the Military to assist in that.

Character StatisticsEdit


  • When she's angry, she likes to do a series of sign language gestures, ending with a middle finger, just so you know it was most likely filled with expletives.