Daria Shade
Nickname Dasha, Blind Girl, Zatoichi
Status Alive
Reddit Username Fuzz3K
Basic Information
Birthday June 2nd
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 5'2
Weight 138 Ibs.
Species n/a
Race Slavic
Blood Type O-
Affiliates Survey Corps.
Place of Birth Trost 
Professional Status
Rank Corporal (former)
Base of Operations Stohess (former)
Affiliation Survey Corps. (former), Rogue
Former Affiliation 106th Trainee Corps., Survey Corps.
Squad n/a

Daria Shade (Born: Dasha Zatoichi) is a private in the Survey Corps and a former trainee of the 106th. She's from the Trost District and was raised on a farmhouse in a village northeast of the District, which she frequently returned back to her hometown. She is completely blind, but utilizes her other senses to her advantage.


Daria is a bit of an anti-social loner, she struggled to make friends growing up due to her blindness, she's very reclusive at times and has relunctance to talk to anybody. Despite her traits, she has made friends in the military quite well and made many allies, and enemies. Daria has admitted to be gay/lesbian. She had a romantic relationship with a girl named Meghan during her fighting days and currently wants to start a new relationship with Claudia Kuhn.


Daria is short and fair-skinned, she has medium length silvery black hair, dull blue and clouded eyes with a thin layer of film covering them, and a small scar going from her foread to her chin on the right side of her face. She is usually seen with a red blindfold covering her eyes. Her outfit consists of a White Hoodie with black lining, military issued pants, the 3DMG straps, Leather Skirt, and Boots. She usually will have her jacket of her former rank, along with her green cloak. She has a pair of dog tags on her that she wears at all times. She has multiple tattoos in different regions of her body. She has a bear tattoo on her right shoulder, a Survey Corps. tattoo on her back, and multiple unseen tattoos.


Daria was born to a family of warriors, who's history of war and fighting stretched back long before the Titans. Her mother died in childbirth, leaving her with her father and brother. Around the time she turned six, she moved with an associate of her father's business and he mysteriously vanished for unknown reasons. During this time, Daria taught herself how to fight and overcome her lack of sight. Around age 14, she joined an underground fight club in Trost and became notorious for her vicious fighting style, attempting to avoid arrest after being caught by the military police, she joined the 106th trainee corps. She did well in the military, surprising nearly everybody with her quick and reactive moves with 3DMG, her value to sense titans and people from miles away, eventually, the Survey Corps. disbanded, since then, Daria's intentions have been survival and to find her brother, and if possible, her father. 


Pierre Remy Beaumont - Daria has a great respect for Pierre, especially considering the fact that they work well together as a team. During final exam , Daria and Pierre protected each other, as Pierre warned her of incoming "titans" and she would help him finish them off. After that, their relationship became one of a friendship.

Fredrick Mahler - During the siege of Karanese, Daria teamed up with Private Mahler, she saved his life twice and delivered him back to HQ to receive medical attention, they both have a sense of trust in each other, all though at first, Fredrick was reluctant to work with Daria, due to her blindness. Following his death, she was traumatized by his sudden and untimely death. Putting her in a depressed mood for months on end.

Eric Thomas - One of the first trainees she ever met, they soon became great friends, at some point, she fought Eric and taught him some skills on fighting.

Claudia Kuhn - Daria has really strong feelings for Claudia, almost romantic feelings. She helped train Claudia during her days as a trainee and was surprised and joyed to learn about Claudia's sudden transfer to the Survey Corps.

Meghan - Little is known about her, other than the fact that she is the late girlfriend of Daria Shade, she was apparantely killed in the Trost attack.

The Night Owl - Not much is known, this masked mercenary has proven to know Daria some time before. Past that, it remains mysterious to her actual identity.

Unnamed brother - She has mentioned multiple times about a brother she has.

Character StatisticsEdit

Daria placed 7th in the top 10 of her class, despite her blindness, she is very proficient in using the 3DMG and has 2 confirmed titan kills.

As mentioned before, Daria is very proficient in hand to hand combat. She has a distinct fighting style that she became notorious for in her fight club days. Her 2 signature moves include sweep kicking and elbow strikes to the neck area in between the shoulder and ear.

Titan kills: 5

Team titan kills: 2

Humans killed: 0

Shifters killed: 0

Hybrids killed: 0

Suspects apprehended: 0


Daria is a name common in Eastern European/Caspian areas of Persia.

Another popular form of Daria is Dasha.