Daniel Landvik
Daniel Landvik
Nickname "Landvik"
Status Alive
Reddit Username Landlocked_Pirate
Basic Information
Birthday July 19, 835
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 5'11
Weight 163 lbs
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type B-
Affiliates Rhea Landvik (mother, dead)

Gregory Landvik (father, dead)

Audrey Landvik (sister, dead)

Place of Birth Shiganshina
Professional Status
Rank Private
Base of Operations Military Complex
Affiliation Military Police
Former Affiliation 107th Trainees Squad
Squad 107th

Daniel Landvik is a Private in the Military Police.


Daniel is a rather cold and closed individual. He'll rarely talk to anyone he doesn't know. When he does, he's hardly amicable. He's very cutthroat and has little empathy, willing to use every tactic in his arsenal to get ahead. He has a tendency of being opportunistic to the point of acting before thinking, which has gotten him into trouble several times.

That said, Daniel is usually rather calm. He's barely fazed by things that rattle the average person. He's proven himself to have a good deductive mind. He's also capable of showing kindness, though the instances are very rare.

Teamwork is not a strong point for him. He often acts as a lone wolf, and dislikes relying on others for help. However, his almost-murder has forced him to acknowledge that there are some things he simply can't do on his own.

His social skills have improved somewhat since enlistment.


Daniel has wavy black hair and sharp light green eyes. He's somewhat tall and has pale skin, as well as a decent amount of muscle mass. A few years before his enlistment, he had an accident that cost him his lower left leg. He uses a prosthetic made of wood and steel in its place. His face often sports a bored, deadpan, or annoyed expression.

His civilian clothes consist of a turtleneck shirt, a simple pair of pants, and boots. On cold days, he'll wear a worn-out brown hunting jacket.


Early Life Edit

Daniel was born and raised in Shiganshina, where had a rather normal childhood, living with his parents and his little sister.

His family could be considered one of the luckiest in Shiganshina. They escaped the wall breach unscathed, thanks to their house being situated close to the inner gate, and were among the first to board the ferry. They even managed to thrive in their new hometown of Chlorva, thanks to a relative - Eris Megalos, Daniel's aunt - who hired his parents as smugglers. It seemed that the Landvik family had found themselves a nice niche, until the summer of year 848, when Daniel's parents and sister were murdered by two hitmen sent by Eris.

After their murders, Daniel was left on his own. He survived by working as a smuggler, until a police crackdown dried up that source of income. As a result, Daniel joined the miitary out of desparation.

Training Edit

During training, Daniel showed exceptional skill with firearms. He proved to be subpar with the 3DMG, and only got to a decent level through practice and resilience. Nonetheless, he managed to get into the Top Ten, placing right at number 10.

Daniel tried to keep to himself during training. However, over time he grew to respect Drill Sergeant Samson Prowler, despite - or perhaps because of - the fact that he constantly hounded him. He mostly retained a cold attitude towards his peers. A few have grown on him enough for him to acknowledge and respect them. Whether he cares for them remains to be seen.

Military PoliceEdit

After graduation, Daniel joined the Military Police.

His first missions involved stopping a bank robbery and Catching the criminal Quentin Cluves. Both turned out to be linked to the King of Thieves, Anom.

He was later involved in a case investigating the murder of a shopkeeper, and later, the murder of a soldier. The case led him, Theo Schumacher, and Hannah Stark to an experienced assassin known as "Bee". They the set a trap for the criminal. they failed to capture her, but managed to injure her. Later, during the Days of Darkness, Daniel encountered Bee once more. He attempted to catch her, but only succeeded in getting stabbed in the arm and almost bleeding out. The incident left him with extra reason to put and end to Bee.

Character StatisticsEdit

Criminals apprehended: 1

People killed: 4


  • He loves water. Dude's practically a fish.
  • He's illiterate, but he values his pride too much to let anyone find out.


"If that's your reasoning, I guess it works... I just like looking out for my own neck before anything else." ~Daniel, to Elias.

"Oh, taking the revenge route, are we? Perhaps we're something alike, you and I." ~Daniel, to Fredrick.