Daisuke Kamekaze
Daisuke Kamekaze
Nickname Dai/Dye
Status Alive
Reddit Username FireSparkyZ
Basic Information
Birthday March 26, 838
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 6'25" or 190cm
Weight 67kg/147lbs
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type O+
Affiliates Darth Kamekaze (Father) Deceased

Lea Kamekaze (Mother) Deceased

Place of Birth Karanese
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation 108th Trainees Squad
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad 108th

Daisuke Kamekaze is a Trainee in the 108th Trainee Squad protecting the walls and Humanity from Titans.


He's a happy go lucky guy who tries to stay positive and happy. Throughout his life there has been some traumatic events and he hides his feelings with a smile.


Daisuke is a Caucasian boy with black hair and brown eyes. He is an average height as well as weight. His physical build lacks giant muscles, but is still considered athletic and healthy.


Daisuke is a Caucasian boy from the Karanese Districe of Wall Rose. His parents Darth and Lea Kamekaze were very protective and his father had always aspired that he would join the Military. He liked the idea of the Survey Corps beating the Titans and getting more land.

Character StatisticsEdit



His parents were killed in the Shifter incident in Karanese, he had not seen their deaths, but had heard that they had died after he had escaped. He is traumatized by this incident, though he tends to hide it. He is also able to control his facial expressions really well.


I would like you to answer a question before you dispose of me. If being powerless is evil, is having power justice? Is revenge Evil? Can friendship coexist with justice...?