Claudia Kuhn
Nickname n/a
Status Alive
Reddit Username /u/TitansArePwetty
Basic Information
Birthday 14th of May
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 158cm
Weight 50kg
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type B-
Affiliates Caius Alexander

Caitlyn Varamyr

Daria Shade

Ariana Fokkusu

Place of Birth Stohess District
Professional Status
Rank Private
Base of Operations Military Complex
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad 108th Trainee Squad

Claudia Kuhn is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Saying that she has a bubbly personality would be an understatement. She is eager to meet new people and make friends, a quirk that causes her to choose the very worst times. She has a keen investigative mind despite this due to her natural curiosity. Crime to her is like a game, a puzzle that she just needs to piece together. For this very reason she aspires to join the Military Police, knowing that she'd never survive an encounter with a real titan and finding the Garrison to be a boring alternative.

In secret, this personality is merely a front. She mourns greatly for the loss of her brother, even though she hides her grief.


Claudia always has a wide smile on her face, keen to get to work. She wears the typical military uniform most of the time. She has medium length brown hair - it was longer but she cut it, fearing it would get in the way in the military - as well as bright green eyes which almost seem to radiate her curiosity and excitement.


Born and raised in Stohess to a former high ranking member of the Survey Corps, she lived a relatively luxurious life within Wall Sina. Her mother died whilst she was young from illness, after which her father joined the Trainee Corps as an instructor. Both she and her older brother aspired to join the Survey Corps (this desire only intensifying after the fall of Wall Maria). Eventually (and to the intense pride of his father), the eldest child did so. However, on his first expedition he was devoured by titans. This greatly traumatized Claudia, who had been extremely close to her brother growing up. However, she continued the facade of everyday life and elected to join the military. However, she had developed a deathly fear of titans due to the death of her brother, and aspired instead to join the Military Police like her uncle.

After her graduation from the 108th (in which she came 4th, beating both her father and brother) she joined the Military Police, happy to finally be following what she perceived to be her true vocation. However, it was after a raid on one of a mysterious organization's warehouse that she realized just how corrupt the MP truly was; when Corporal Hannah Thomas transformed in front of her eyes to defend them both against a dangerous mercenary, Claudia aided her escape and both were shot at as a result. It was this that finally pushed her over the edge, to join the Survey Corps.

During her time in the Corps (and the fires in Stohess), she discovered the organization known as Dark Horse. Having found a strange medicine that proved quite potent, she decided to investigate further, questioning former member Mary Atman and finding the location of a plantation within Wall Rose.

Character StatisticsEdit

Titan kills: 0

Team titan kills: 3

Humans killed: 3

Shifters killed: 0

Hybrids killed: 0

Suspects apprehended: 5


  • She possesses a loathing for perverts although she has no qualms about taking advantage of them.
  • She loves the 3DMG. So fun!
  • She admires those with the courage to join the Survey Corps, something she herself is unable to do.
  • She mourns greatly for the loss of her brother, although she tries to hide it.
  • She originally wished to join the Survey Corps, but after the death of her brother became too afraid and settled for the Military Police.
  • She is highly skilled with the 3DMG, although her training was brutal.
  • She is a natural marksman.
  • She is a horrible martial artist due to her small frame and meager strength.


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