Claire de Machaut
Nickname n/a
Status Alive
Reddit Username Cdemachaut
Basic Information
Birthday April 11th
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 168 (5'6)
Weight 50kg
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type A
Affiliates Anne de Machaut (Mother), Guillaume de Machaut (Father), Nathan de Machaut (Brother, 22), Monique de Machaut (Sister, 11), Phillipine de Machaut (Sister 13)
Place of Birth Mitras District
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation Trainee Corps
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad n/a

Claire de Machaut is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Claire is shy, a somewhat bright young girl, and very caring towards people she is close to (and sometimes too much so, causing her to act recklessly and illogically). She can be a bit strange in her actions and words but is completely unaware of it, and sees herself as completely normal. So much so that she does not believe herself to have any real contributing abilities or any specific purpose.


Claire has blonde hair and green eyes, is of average height, and tends not to smile a lot. Claire is easy to read due to her honesty in everything she does, and wears any and all emotions on her face. She is quite fit despite her prosperous background in Mitras.


Claire was born in the inner most wall in the Mitras district to the wealthy government official Guillaume de Machaut and Anne de Machaut. She is the second of four children, but despite belonging to an unusually large family in such a time, she often preferred her own company over the company of others. Family tensions grew as it was learned that the oldest (Nathan de Machaut) was trying to get involved in the 'wall worshiping cult' as her parents described it when she was 15. Thought no longer a part of it, the strain in the family caused an irreparable tear between members of the family. Her father insisting on taking care of the two oldest children (herself and her brother), while her mother moved out with her two youngest sisters. Claire is only allowed to maintain contact with her sisters through letters, her mother insisting that Claire had betrayed her by choosing too stay with her father. The last memory she has of her family being whole is the ring her her little sisters had gotten her with the help of her father and mother as a gift for her birthday. Having lost the ability to take care of her little sisters in person alongside her mother, Claire vowed to take care of them from afar by joining the military despite her brother's and father's disapproval.

Character StatisticsEdit


Claire is constantly thinking about what she says and how she acts, she does not want to seem spoiled for fear that people would not take her seriously as a soldier, or that she may be disliked or even hated based on that premise.