Caitlyn Varamyr
Nickname Cait
Status Alive
Reddit Username n/a
Basic Information
Birthday 15th July
Gender Girl
Age 18
Height 6'
Weight n/a
Species Human
Race Human
Blood Type AB
Affiliates Claudia Kuhn - Best Friend

Alois Maier - Best Waifu

Emily Waechter - Other Best Friend

Christoph Teufel - Friend

Alex Shepard - Friend

Rocket Fyer - Friend

Rana Alexis - It's compicated

Tetsuo - 'Pet' Titan shifter

Place of Birth n/a
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation Shifter Tribe
Former Affiliation 108th Trainee Squad

Survey Corps

Squad 108th

Caitlyn Varamyr is a human member of the Shifter tribe living in the Hidone district.


Caitlyn tends to be generally hyperactive and does everything at a fast pace and forgetting to slow down during times like conversations and when eating.

Mostly Caitlyn views things in a less than serious light and pokes fun at topics where other people wouldn't. Because of this she can offend people easily people when the mention sensitive issues.

The only times when she shows any other distinct personality trait are when she is fighting. When fighting people, Caitlyn gets a lot more aggressive and stops caring about everything aside from beating the shit out of her opponent. When losing a fight badly she can work herself into a furious frenzy and only snaps out when she has no more energy, or wins the fight.


Caitlyn was born.

Caitlyn has yet to die.

Character StatisticsEdit

Titans Killed - 2

Hands Severed - 2

Humans Killed - 0

Rabbits Killed - 0

Horses Killed - 0

Bones Broken - 1

Times Screwed Up - 7


Caitlyn cannot read in anyway shape or form but keeps this to herself and in times when she must read, she pretends to until someone else reads it out loud and, without realizing it, tipped her off as to what the text says.

In most situations, Caitlyn would be more comfortable if she were eating.


"It wasn't me!"

"I... totally thought we were fighting a giant panda..."

Appearance Edit

During her time in the military, Caitlyn spent most of her time wearing her uniform (a common theme among those who are in the military, for some reason.) During the days for Darkness festival, Cait dressed up as Little Red Riding hood and for that time wore a red cloak because cosplay is awesome! Caitlyn also owns an assortment of masks that she has collected over various celebratory events held withing the walls. When Cait moved to Hidone, she left her miitary attire and mostly wore tank tops and hoodies. The exception to this would be her blue one piece that she made herself to be worn alongside her 3DMG. After this costume was ruined during the siege of Canas she changed her main set of clothes to those shown at the top of the page.


Caitlyn as she appeared during her time as a trainee.


Caitlyn in the outfit she made in Hidone