Mary Atman
Nickname Bee
Status Alive
Reddit Username TitansAreYummy
Basic Information
Birthday October 13th, 830
Gender Female
Age 23
Height 5'3
Weight 140lbs
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type B POS
Affiliates Caius Alexander, Rocket Fyer
Place of Birth Karanese
Professional Status
Rank Civilian
Base of Operations Outside the walls
Affiliation None
Former Affiliation Johnathan Agront
Squad None

Mary Atman, widely known as Bee, is a Titan-Slayer living outside of the walls. She is highly wanted by the Military Police and Survey Corps for multiple accounts of murder and theft.


Severely traumatized throughout her life, Mary is in a constant internal power-struggle between her addiction to violence and her own guilt. Ever-haunted by her traumatic child-hood, she copes with her struggles by murdering whatever stands in her way. After an encounter with Caius Alexander, she began to change. Mary re-discovered herself in a moment of emotional vulnerability, as a kind, and caring demeanor laid underneath her multiple layers of trauma.

She has an overwhelming addiction to violence as a coping mechanism for her traumas, which itself seems to have manifested itself into her right, pink iris.


Mary is a young caucasian woman, with light blonde hair. Her right eye has a scar going across it, both eyes having a distinctly colored iris. A small dyed black braid of hair adorns her neck. She often wears comfortable clothing, such as tank tops and sweatpants, as she is often engaged in some sort of physical activity, and dresses for comfort. Very rarely is she ever seen in a dress, or anything of the like.


Mary Atman was born in the year 830 outside of Karanese. Her family lived quite secluded from the world, and was primarily self-sufficient. At the age of 5, her family was brutally assaulted, and she was sold into child slavery. For 6 years she slaved under a man known as Johnathan Agront, as a young servant. Brutally beaten for any form of misconduct, she was completely denied a normal existence by this man.

At the age of 11, Johnathan Agront attempted to sexually assault Mary. She brutally murdered him during the attempt, which led her to a life of criminal activity to stay alive.

Within the walls of Karanese, she started as a humble pickpocket. As she grew, she became more and more desperate for sustenance, and grew deeper into the criminal world within the walls. It was at the age of 13 in which she was introduced to the 3D Maneuver gear. She was quickly nick-named "Bee" by her fellow criminals for her ferocity and swiftness with the 3DMG. Unafraid to murder, and slaughter, she quickly became one of the most feared assassins within the walls. At the age of 18, she was unparalleled in her talents for assassination, and murder.

Through this time, Mary's mental state decayed exponentially. Trauma after trauma she would force upon herself. She became obsessed with the act of killing, the sensation of cutting flesh, and the thrill of hunting down prey. Her mind associated murder with therapy. She had become, in every sense of the word, a predator.

At the age of 22, Mary had grown fatally bored of the criminal world. She retreated outside the walls for larger prey - Titans. She quickly learned to love her new-found prey, and the thrill of slaying a much larger, more deadly opponent. She ferried supplies outside the walls in her favorite bag - a black duffelbag, to establish a home outside the walls.

Beginning Winter - 834

At the age of 23, she had finished construction of her new home. To the north of Karanese's gate lies a small, tall forest. Her "hive" as she lovingly calls it, has been her home ever since. This home served as her base of operations, where she would often take shifters who she'd ambush - and torture them for her amusement. A total of 9 shifters have died by her hand so far. 7 of which, had been brought back to the Hive for brutal, violent torture sessions. She's coordinated multiple ambushes against the shifter tribe, and has even resorted to leading Titan groups directly to their scouting parties for the sake of humor.

22 October - 835.

On a normal supply run to Karanese, Mary murdered the shop-owner of a small grocery store owner named Jeremy. Having resupplied on basic necessities, she went on to murder a young MP in the night-time for his 3DMG gas. This drew the attention of the Military Police.

24 October - 835.

Hannah Stark had launched a daring trap to capture Mary, while using Daniel Landvik as a Marksman, and Alois Maier as bait, along with Theo Schumacher on a net team. She severely wounded Alois Maier, but resulted in getting shot by Daniel Landvik. The shot pierced her abdomen, which resulted in a horrendous exit wound. Forced to retreat, she applied basic first aid to herself, barely managing to save her own life.

26 October - 835.

When the Days of Darkness Festival struck Karanese, Mary infiltrated the city once more. There she met Caius Alexander, who earned her trust by treating her newly-found injury. Mary was also chased by Daniel Landvik, whom she critically injured on that day, by stabbing him in the arm. The following day, she encountered Alois Maier, who had resulted in being a shifter. After a brutal engagement, Mary managed to escape the shifter's pursuit, having gained a strange sense of affection for the shifter's combat skills. Returning once more to Caius Alexander's medical care, she was offered a place to stay for a moment of reprieve - after she completely confessed to the Doctor her horrendous sins. Fully aware of her crimes - he offered her his aid, and recommended her to find another outlet for her therapy, excluding brutal violence.

Mary was shocked by his kindness. In a flash, her personality seemed to have softened. She changed her demeanor and outlook, as her cold ruthlessness faded away. Though temporary, Mary rediscovered who she truly was under all her layers of trauma. She explored her love for singing in a small piano lounge, where she met a young man named Rocket Fyer, who's kindness also shocked her considerably. She sang for her previous assailants Daniel Landvik and Alois Maier, in an odd state of self-hatred for her crimes.

Unable to maintain her ruse any longer, Mary exited the small piano lounge and retreated onto the night, a new perspective hanging in her mind.

29 October - 835.

The past two nights, Mary had been undergoing a perilous battle with herself. Fighting to retain control from her traumas, Mary found herself atop a small Church rooftop. Having expended all precious supplies, she was starving, and completely out of 3DMG gas. She journeyed towards a small antique shop. Upon entry, the shop-keeper identified who she was, and proceeded to attack her. After a brief engagement, Mary spared the shop-keeper's life, and simply robbed the store. Later that night, she identified Theo Schumacher, one of the initial members of the MP's trap team. She confronted him, revealed her name, and convinced both him - and herself - that she was done murdering human beings.

2 November - 835.

Mary returns to her home outside the walls. Having encountered a horse within her forest, she quickly befriended the creature, and made a small harness for him. She began to explore the area surrounding her forest, which led to an encounter with a shifter. Upon the scout shifter's demise, she noticed that she was being watched in the distance from the reflection of a telescopic lens.

That made the 10th shifter which had died by her hand.


Is actually allergic to honeybees.

Has a passion for singing.

Is extremely agile, has no difficulty in free-running through urban terrain.


"Life is so cruel."