Basco Heartwell
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Nickname n/a
Status Alive and Kickin' it
Reddit Username ATonOfBacon
Basic Information
Birthday November 6th
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 6'2"
Weight 235lbs
Species n/a
Race n/a
Blood Type O
Affiliates 107th
Place of Birth Hermina
Professional Status
Rank Private
Base of Operations Trainee Camp
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation Trainees
Squad n/a

Basco Heartwell is a member of the Survey Corps in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Basco's personality changes depending on the situation he is in. In times when a task needs to be done (in which he would deem "strictly business") he is very serious and is short tempered. If mistakes are made, he becomes very frustrated and over thinks the situation. On the contrary, if everything goes according to plan, Basco is fairly relaxed with little stress affecting him. Basco is known for breaking tension with snide remarks and akward gestures. His social skills are sub-par, but still continues to converse with others regardless with what the outcome is. Basco's frequent use of humor is his way of coping.                         


Standing at 6'2" and at a whopping 235lbs, Basco is possibly the largest of the trainees in his class. His weight fluctuates because of some of his binges caused by stress or sadness. Basco has dark brown skin and a thick muscular build (except for his thick stomach). Basco started out in the beginning of his training with a shaved head, but as winter came, he decided to grow his black hair to the point where it is covering half his ears (Since he returned Theo's razor back to him). His eyes are dark brown and he has a clean shaved face.



Father: Joseph Heartwell - Status [In Prison] - A wise hard working farmer that held strength, discipline, and honor above everything else. His teachings to his children (Basco and Jacob) were constantly enforced every day of their lives, but only reached Basco. He is in prison after taking the place of Basco after an incident involving Basco and Jacob near Stohess. [STORY STILL UNFOLDING]

Mother: Melfina Heartwell - Status [Deceased] - A kind and very pious woman, Melfina Heartwell was a very religious woman who raised Basco and Joseph to be firm believers in their faith and to always thank God for everything. She always encouraged Basco to laugh more since Basco was a very closed minded child growing up. Melfina death has yet to be uncovered, but hints from Basco say that she was murdered by a group Wallists. [STORY STILL UNFOLDING]

Older Brother: Jacob Heartwell - Status [Alive] - Jacob was set to be the one to take over the farm lands raised by his father. But ignored that fate and spent a lot of time in the city pick pocketing when he was a teenager. He was never caught for his petty crimes, but later lost his money over time from the many cheap and untrustworthy merchants he ran into. His irresponsible actions pushed him to become his own merchant to help small businesses grow and to slowly bring down larger corporations, such as the Reeves Co. Most of his business comes from his travels to different villages around the walls and some refugees from Shinganshina.

Character StatisticsEdit



Basco has an overwhelming hatred for the Military Police. Although Basco respects those who serve in the military, he has yet to witness proof of the MP being useful to humanity. Hearing multiple stories of the MP's corruption has caused Basco to stay away from anyone who associates with them, and have a greater sense of faith in those who fight for humanity, such as the Survey Corps.  


"Victory is not secured from the throne, but from the front lines."   - Joseph Heartwell, father of Basco Heartwell