Axton Ranger
Nickname Wolf
Status Active Duty
Basic Information
Birthday June 5, 650
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5'11
Weight 176 lbs
Species Homo Sapien
Race Human
Blood Type A-
Affiliates None
Place of Birth Shiganshina
Professional Status
Rank Cadet (Private)
Base of Operations Trost District
Affiliation Cadet Corps
Former Affiliation Civilian
Squad 105th Cadet Regiment

Axton Ranger was born to a small home in the Shiganshina district. At the age of five, Axton witnessed his first titan attack. At the loss of his father, Axton was soon traumatized and unable to help.

Axton (Personality) Edit

Axton is rough around the edges, never letting anyone get too close to him. He has serious trust issues and will avoid contact with as many people as he can manage. Most of his time is spent working alone in the field. The majority of his mentality is unstable after the titan attack, and he often refers to people as "human titans".

Axton (Background) Edit

Axton was born to Juliet and David Ranger in their home in Shiganshina. His childhood was spent under the careful watch of his parents, until, three days after turning five. On June 8, 655, the outer gate was destroyed by the Colossal Titan and widespread panic tore through the city as civilians tried to evacuate.

Due to his young age, Axton was unable to understand all of what was happening around him. His mother took him to hide in the closet of their home as his father went out to help people evacuate. That would be the last time Axton ever saw his father. Four days of panic and casualties drove Shiganshina to the brink of collapse. All efforts to repel the titans were abandoned. Axton and his mother quickly made their way to the evacuation boats just as the monstrous Armored Titan smashed its way through the inner gate.

Six years later, at the age of eleven, Axton applied for a spot to join the Cadet Corps. His mother, however, did not want him to leave as dying and getting eaten was something that she feared since her husband. Axton still applied and was accepted into the 105th Cadet Infantry Regiment.

Axton's ODM Gear
Vital statistics
Type Movement
Effects Combat
Source Gas Tanks
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

Axton (Appearance) Edit

Axton is a slender figure with black hair and glistening blue eyes. His height is measured at 5'11 when not wearing regulation boots.

Trivia Edit

  • Axton is dedicated to killing titans only.
  • Axton will act alone on most missions.
  • Refuses to join anything other than SC.
  • Stubborn, quiet, and impatient at times.

Quotes Edit

"Come and get me, titans!"

"I'm right here! Don't I look tasty to you?!"

"I'm gonna cut you in half!"

"Die you bastards!"