Arend Klien
Nickname n/a
Status alive
Reddit Username MRdaBakkle
Basic Information
Birthday July, 19th
Gender male
Age 17
Height 5' 3
Weight 130 lbs
Species Human
Race German
Blood Type A -
Affiliates Conrad Klien (Father, Captain in the Military Police)

Martin Klien (Brother, Officer in the Military Police)

Wallace Rykko (Friend and Private in the Military Police)

Rocket Fyer (Friend and Private in the Survey Corps.)

Lucas Mayers (Friend and Private in the Survey Corps.)

Morgan Pendragon (Friend and Private in the Survey Corps.)

Place of Birth Yalkell District
Professional Status
Rank Private
Base of Operations Military Trainee Camp
Affiliation Military Police
Former Affiliation Trainee Corps


Squad 105th

Arend Klien is a Private in the prestegious Miltary Police, serving his majesity the King and protecting the citazens of the inner walls. He ranked in the top ten of his Trainee Squad, the 105th. Ranking at the top of his class.


Arend is friecly dedicated, and motivated to push himself. He is always eager to do the right thing, but his over eagerness can often turn into cockiness. He was bred to join the milatary and sees it as the highest honor attaniable for any human. He is young, rash and still has much to learn about how the world operates.


Arend is short but his size shouldn't fool you, he can hold his own in a duel. He has blue eyes, and and blonde hair styled in a milatary bowel cut.


Pre EnlistmentEdit

Arend grew up in the Yalkell district within the saftey of Wall Sina, from a milatary family his father and brother both soldiers in the Miltary Police. He grew up saturated with wealth and luxary, but was also bred to push himself and never give up. His hardline father pushed him at an early age in education, physical training, and discipline.

Even though he was saturated with wealth, he was no stranger to violence and corruption. He attended public schools, and was often labled as the rich kid. Many of his freinds were lower income familes, and had to fight to survive daily. He saw many of his freinds drop out of school because their family could not support them anymore. Having to turn to a life on the streets, and a life of crime. He seeks one goal in his milatary career, the equality of humanity. Seeking to end corruption within the ranks of the MP, he understands that this is a naive goal but sees too much good in humanity to give up. Unlike other MP recruits he sees the other miltary forces, just as vital to the survial of humanity. Even though he does not wish to join the forces of the scouts, he sees them as brave heros paving the way for when humanity can be united without the need for walls.


Arend joined the milatary, from a milatary family. Bred by his father to some day join the MP, he is proud to serve his father and king. Making fast freinds on his first day in the camp with his bunkmate Wallace Rykko the two bonded quickly. Arend had a freindly rivaly with fellow trainee Lucas Mayers, the two fought the first day and Lucas easily beat Arend. Arend unpreapred for street combat didn't know how to react to his style. The second time they fought, Arend easily beat Lucas improvving drastically in skill.

Arend met and became close freinds with Rocket Fyer, despite their differences with Rocket wanting to join the scouts they understood each other and had a mutal respect for each other. Rocket organied a improutu hike where they went swimming by the moonlight in a small lake. Arend was realtivaely secure when first testing out his balacne on the 3dm practice gear, and overtime grew better. On the first mission to help the Garrison on the wall, Arend helped his team in fireing the cannons and even noticed one of the gears on the cannon was malfucntioning and helped to fix it. The last training excercise before graduation Arend was paried with his two close freinds Wallace and Rocket, they were to use the 3dmg to "kill" the practice titan dummies. Working together as a team Arend disabled one allowing Rocket to go in for the kill. Arend killed four more, and disabled another, although a pair of his swords broke when fighting one titan. The three where able to work together as a team to fight the titans. They were a good team and communcatied with each other to keep everyone safe.

On graduation Arend was delighted to find that he was at the top of his class, and his best freind Rocket was ranked third. He was also pleased to see his other best freind Wallace rank fifth. Rocket was a good freind, and even getting into the top ten would not change his mind about joining the scouts. As Arend said goodbye, Rocket gave him a bracelet to remember him by. Arend returned the favor by giveing him the yo-yo that his brother carved for him. Arend wouldn't need it where he was going, Arend made Rocket promise that he wouldn't die. That Rocket would survive. Even though Arend was lossing one freind, and would proably never be able to see him again he was glad that Wallace was coming with him to Wall Sina.

Military PoliceEdit

During his initial joining of the MP Arend was stationed in Stohess not making a huge impression on anyone, about two years into his service he was assigned to investigate the market with Edward a fellow private and Ryan a Sergeant from the Police. During the investigation Arend discoverd that Ryan was planning an attack on the gates in Karanese. Armed with this infomation he approached the Commander Robert Stork and requested to go to Karanese to warn the SC and Garrison of the attack. Stork refused not wanting to risk the lives of his men, but Arend would not take no for an awnser and left anyway.

Arend rode all night to arrive at the SC HQ just as the attack started. He was too late. Commander Connor Adams assigned him to assist Commander Felix Tritan with the recon at the gatehouse. He was on the team along with two of his graduates. Rocket and Sarah.

Quotes Edit

"I'll miss you, you better fucking make it to the special operations squad. Just survive promise me that you'll survive." -Arend Klien to his close freind Rocket.

"How could you say that? Would you rather have humanity rot away within these walls! Some day we will win this war, but today is not that day. And until we do we need all branches of the military to work together!" -Arend Klien defending the Survey Corps.