Annette Hagstom
Nickname Anne, Annie
Status Alive
Reddit Username fluffypuppiness
Basic Information
Birthday  June 15th
Gender female
Age 18
Height 1.62m
Weight 68kg
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type A+
Affiliates n/a
Place of Birth Trost
Professional Status
Rank Private
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation Scouting Legion
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad 107th Trainee Squad

Personality Edit

Anne is a happy, go lucky sorta girl, though she is rather socially awkward and has trouble talking to people and making friends. She usually stumbles over her words and has a hard time making conversation when first meeting someone, once she get's to know them she usually calms her personality down a bit and relaxes. Anne has a habit of diving head first into problems, though she is good at coming up with strategy's in most situations. She doesn't get angry often, and when she does it's usually out of fear which causes her to swear and shout a lot.

Appearance Edit

Anne is slim, with small muscles and looks taller then she really is. She used to have long burgundy hair but she has since cut it all off and usually keeps it short. Her eye's are a large and are a mossy green colour. Her ear's are pierced in multiple places, and she doesn't change them from the silver studs. In her spare time she usually wears a long brown skirt, and a green long sleeved shirt that is strung together with a string.

Biography Edit

Anne was born in Trost in 835 to a potter and his wife. She was the third child of the couple having an older brother and a Twin sister named Lily. Anne was the youngest for about two years until her little sister, Rose, was born. Anne spent most of her time with her twin sister, being her best friend. Anne was a rather quiet and timid child, her sister being outgoing and happy. Anne's older brother, Daniel, would often pick on Anne for her timid nature and Lily would stand up for her.

In the following mother would have five more children, Julie, Kristen, Poppy, and the youngest, Sarah. It was the birth of Sarah, when Anne was eight, that her mother passed away due to complications in pregnancy. Anne and her sister Lily were left to take care of the children with their older brother. Anne's life became a routine, taking care of the children well her father would work to try and make money. The family barely made enough to survive, but they did, her father working from early morning to early night. Anne's relationship with her father started to dwindle when her mother died, having before being able to help him in the store sometimes, now she only saw him when bringing him meals.

In 845 her brother joined the military, claiming it would help bring in some money. When Daniel joined the military Lily had decided that she wanted to join as well, except she wanted to join the scouting legion, well their brother was part of the Garrison. Anne loved hearing her sister talk about the scouting legion, and how daring it would be. Anne would listen to her sisters stories about what she would do once she joined. Anne had no desire to join the scouting legion, rather happy with a quiet life.

When Anne was fifteen Trost fell. Anne had been inside when it happened, and all she had heard was the rumbling of something. She looked outside just as Titans had started entering. Anne's family lived in the market neighborhood and soon her father came in and started ushering children out of the house. Anne walked outside to hear screaming, and saw Titans destroying houses. Daniel had stopped by the house to help usher the family out, her father had grabbed his hand as he left and begged him to leave with them but he had just smiled at him and said "Don't worry about me." That was the last time her family ever saw him. Anne was herding the children when her sister told her that she would be checking buildings for any survivors. Anne begged her sister not too but her sister wouldn't hear it. Anne held onto her sisters hand until the Titans started getting closer until she was forced to let for by her father. Anne ran looking back at her sister who waved before running into the houses looking for people. Anne ran to the inner walls with her little sisters crying until they got in. Once in Anne couldn't live with herself, the image of her brother and sister leaving stuck in her head. Anne eventually ran away from her family, feeling she was a burden and set off on her own, determined to join the scouting legion since her sister could not. Anne cut her long hair short and had to work as a prostitute to make money to survive. Anne finally managed to join the military at the age of 18 and has worked hard so she could join the scouting legion.

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Trivia Edit

Anne writes in letters to her family and keeps them in a small journal. She hopes to one day mail it to her family.

Anne also carries a small locket, in it is a picture of her family when her and Lily were babies.

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