Anna Brauer
Nickname  n/a
Status Alive
Reddit Username niennaz2
Basic Information
Birthday April 22nd
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 5,8"
Weight 140
Species Human
Race German
Blood Type Unknown
Affiliates Aloisia Brauer (Mother) and Gustav Brauer (Father).
Place of Birth Karanese District
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations  n/a
Affiliation  n/a
Former Affiliation  n/a
Squad  n/a

Anna Brauer is a Trainee in the Military.


In her current state, Anna is a kind yet introverted individual, her interests frequently distracting her in times of needed focus. At a moments rest, her gaze often falls towards the horizon or the wall, dozing off into the nothingness. She takes clear interest in architecture and and environments, her desire to protect and study the Wall becoming part of the reason for enlistment.

Anna is rather matter-of-fact regarding her enlistment, often admitting if pressed that she is not here for humanity nor to fight the titans, knowing well that it is a cowards approach.


Anna has brown, short cropped hair and blue eyes.

Refer to added drawing by Niennaz2 for reference.


Birth and Life Prior to EnlistmentEdit

Anna comes from a family of brewers located in Karanese. Having been born into a generally well off family, she was able to stray from her chores and took to the libraries, additionally spending what extra coin she could on books. Yet with public information on topics limited and her own lack of comprehension in reading, she could only take her studies so far. It has been her hope that while in training and within the military she could learn to read and write, allowing her education to grow. While her parent's aren't particularily happy with her decision to join the military, knowing that they'd eventually need her to take over the Brauer buisiness, they are supportive of her choice. In the end it is their hope that she will eventually retire intime to claim such an inheritance.

While Anna has not seen any Titan's first hand, she has seen the devastation they can give rise too. Living in Karanese, she has witnessed a small number of returned Survey Corps' expeditions. Seeing what damages that had been reaped, both in body count and clear loss of limbs, Anna decided to keep her thoughts far from the Survey Corps.

Anna can only hope that she will not encounter any titans in her lifetime, striving to enter to Garrison.


Anna Brauer is currently a Trainee within the Military, sharing a bunk with Elizabeth Boone . No events of significance have yet to occur.

Character StatisticsEdit