Anata Kitsuraga is a cadet in the survey corps, exploring beyond the walls.

Personality Edit

Anata is an outcast from the rest of the troops, he barely ever talks to anyone and is incredibly shy. He is incredibly skilled and ignores any compliments he receives.

Biography Edit

Anata grew up in shiganshina. His parents were Kurio and Onata Kitsuraga, both now deceased. His parents both died when wall maria fell, but not before his father handed over the power of the armoured titan to anata. He joined the trainees 1 year later and came 1st in the exam. He then joined the survey corps.

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Quotes Edit

"If my father and mother hadn't made sutch a sacrifice, i wouldn't be standing here today" - Anata, after a fellow trainee insulted his parents.

"Damn you. The difference between right and wrong is so prominent, yet you can't see it." - Anata, while battling the attack titan.

"You know, hate is a powerful thing." -Anata, after turning into the armoured titan for the first time.