Alois Maier
Nickname "Prick" (By Mary Atman/Harkon Strats)

"Midget" (Everyone)

Status Alive
Reddit Username /u/Hjgduyhwsgah_RP
Basic Information
Birthday 11th Feb
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 5'05"
Weight 160lbs
Species Titan Shifter
Race Caucasian
Blood Type O-
Affiliates Christoph Teufel,

Emily Waechter,

Caitlyn Varamyr,

Rocket Fyer

Place of Birth Outside the Walls
Professional Status
Rank Warrior
Base of Operations Hidone
Affiliation Shifter Tribe
Former Affiliation Survey Corps, Humanity
Squad 107th

Alois Maier is a member of the Shifter Tribe and the Armored Titan.


Alois is a quiet young man who keeps to himself. He believes that he owes humanity a great debt for a crime he committed during the fall of Wall Maria, and as such is determined to die for their cause. He is cordial to his superiors, but gives nothing away.


Alois has black hair and crystal blue eyes. He normally wears a buttoned up white shirt under his military vest when on duty and is most often seen wearing a large black coat in public in his spare time. Since joining the Survey Corps, he's most often seen wearing his green cloak over his uniform which bear the Wings of Freedom on the back.

After betraying humanity, his appearance changes. His hair is now slicked back and worn in the tribe's usual fashion. He wears a hoodie with a necklace with a lion's tooth on it and the bracelet given to him by Rocket Fyre (attached to the bracelet is a small pin of a bee given to him by Mary Atman).


Little is known about Alois' past. He is (supposedly) from the village Hausen within Wall Maria of which he is the sole survivor. He has reportedly already encountered titans there, and how he escaped is currently unknown. This was all a lie. In actuality Alois is the Armored Titan that smashed down the inner gate of the Shiganshina District of Wall Maria, resulting in humanity's retreat into Wall Rose.

After the fall, Alois migrated with the rest of Maria's inhabitants to Rose, living in an orphanage for most of his life. He worked as a criminal, a petty pickpocket skilled with a blade and light on his feet. These, along with his impressive martial arts skills which had clearly been honed from an early age, made him a fine candidate for military training, something a senior officer who happened to catch the young man at the scene of a crime suggested. And so, Alois did so.

Shortly after his enlisting with the Survey Corps, he encountered Christoph Teufel, the Colossal Titan, whom he agreed to return to the tribe with. But first, they had to free their fellow murderer, Emily Waechter, the Female Titan. Along the way Alois had an encounter with the titan hunter and serial killer, Bee, whom he eventually came to know as his lover Mary Atman. However, the eve of Emily's inevitable breakout, Alois was forced to cut ties with her. The two are now enemies once more.

Character StatisticsEdit

Titan kills: 13

Titan team kills: 4

Human kills: Let's not even go there

Shifter kills: 0

Hybrid kills: 0


  • Alois is skilled in parkour from his time as a pickpocket which helped greatly whilst he trained with the 3DMG.
  • Although he hides it under his clothing, he wears the Bee pin given to him by Mary Atman and the bracelet given to him by Rocket Fyer at (almost) all times.


"I love you." - Mary Atman