Alex Shepard
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Nickname n/a
Status Alive
Reddit Username SiniisteR
Basic Information
Birthday  March 12th
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 1.78m
Weight 60kg
Species Human
Race Caucasian
Blood Type B
Affiliates Annette Hagstom, Alois Maier, Rocket Fyer
Place of Birth Shiganshina
Professional Status
Rank Trainee
Base of Operations Stohess
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation Triss Elliott
Squad 107th Trainee Squad

Alex Shepard is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Alex is usually a quiet introvert, but only when he has the chance to avoid others. He tries not to meet new people if given the choice, but those who he is usually forced to meet with, he is generally polite at first. As he gets closer with people, he will start to become more comfortable around them, as well as more talkative. He has a tendency to underestimate most things, including people and their abilites. However, once he is given an accurate projection of the ability of who or what it is, he is usually quick to adapt. 


Alex has short, usually messy black hair, and dark hazel eyes. He is usually seen wearing his uniform in spare time, but in rare occasions, he wears a burgundy hooded jacket. He is slightly taller than average, but has an average build. However, he does not have much stamina, and tends to tire easily.                                                        


Alex was born and raised in the Shiganshina district by his father, his mother having died from illness while he was still a baby, therefore he barely remembers her. His father owned a bakery in the middle of the district, their house belonging above it on the second floor. The bakery would almost always receive good business, which meant that Alex's father was able to provide enough for both him and his son to be kept in out of poverty, but not quite enough to be conisidered middle-class. His father was a very cheerful person, who seen his occupation of a baker as his passion, and had planned to teach Alex, who spent most of his early childhood watching (and sometimes helping) his father work, his trade with the hope that Alex would continue to run his bakery after he passed away.

Alex didn't have any friends in his early years, most of his time was spent in his father's bakery, or reading books. At the age of 7, a customer that came into his father's shop brought his daughter of the same age, both of which had moved onto the same street as Alex. The man became a frequent customer, and always brought his daughter with him. After a month, due to the request from her father, Alex and the daughter, called Triss, began playing together.

Over the next five years, Alex and Triss became closer and closer, spending almost all of their time together playing, reading or watching Alex's father work. In that time,  At the age of 12, Alex's father's bakery had become very well known in the Shiganshina district, earning more and more income, until his father had enough money to move both him and Alex to a better home in Wall Rose, specifically the Klorva District. His father sold the house and bakery, preparing to move both of them to Klorva, where he would open a new bakery. Before they left, Alex and Triss said their goodbyes, both making the promise that they would continue write to each other once he left. 

A month after Alex and his father had arrived in Klorva, news reached them that the wall around Shiganshina had been breached, letting in a vast swarm of titans into the city. Fearing for her safety, Alex asked his father if he knew what had happened to Triss and her father, to which he replied that they had survived, not wanting him to find out the possible truth of their demise. Alex never received a letter from Triss, and came to his own conclusion that she didn't want to keep in contact with him. This was the belief he held for several years after. 

Seven years later, Alex's father passed away due to old age, all of his belongings then being inherited by Alex. While searching through them, he found a letter addressed to him dated 7 years ago, and discovered it was from Triss, dated a few weeks after he had moved to Klorva. It was then that Alex realised that Triss must've died at the hands of the Titans all those years ago, his father not wanting him to find out at such a young age. 

Upon this realisation, Alex sold his father's bakery, and enlisted into the military at the age of 19

Character StatisticsEdit

Titan Kills: 5

Titan Assists: 5


Keeps a metal flask on his person at all times, usually filled with water, or in cold enough climates, coffee.