Abel Briggs


Nickname none
Status n/a
Reddit Username ireallydidnt
Basic Information
Birthday unknown
Gender male
Age ~18
Height 6'3
Weight 230 pounds of muscle
Species human
Race unknown
Blood Type O-
Affiliates Mountain hermits
Place of Birth the wilds
Professional Status
Rank n/a
Base of Operations n/a
Affiliation n/a
Former Affiliation n/a
Squad n/a

Abel Briggs is a recruit in the Military Organization protecting the walls from Titans.


Abel is a fairly straight forward person. He doesn't beat around the bush and is quite blunt. He has a easy going attitude most of the time but then can be very callous and offensive when he wants to be, which is often. He usually is laid back and complacent but when things get serious, he makes people feel uncomfortable and this leads others to believe Abel is a cold hearted jerk. He also gives off a sense of independency which causes some to think that he's very strong and others to think he's not a loyal teammate. Sometimes he tries being sociable when he thinks it'll benefit him so he will refrain from being so, anti-social. Usually he can only keep up the facade for so long before his usual outlook starts to shine through. Abel is really driven by power, he finds no greater pleasure than proving his strength and often will take to training to increase his skills and talent. He can be percieved as a showoff but he doesn't care for others opinion, he mainly tests his vessel to prove his worth to himself. He loves things that challenge him, whether that be physically or mentally challenging. This could be in the form of a contest or an arguement.

He often smokes, even in places not normally allowed, though he does try to refrain when it'll lead to negative results. He often curses himself for smoking so much but it's one of his guilty pleasures. His main goal is to become strong but he never seems satisfied with his current strength and if he will be satisfied is unknown. His only thought on how this can be achieved is by killing everything stronger than himself. 


Abel is a tall and muscular man with an intimidating physique. He has long black hair that reaches just past his shoulders which he usually wears down. He always wears a tee shirt and jeans in public. He always wears black wristguards with crimson belts wrapped around them. He never takes them off. In any other setting such as training or lounging around he tends to go topless, barefoot, and shorts. On special occasions he brush his hair back but he really dislikes to do so. He seems to dislike clothing and as usually in favor of wearing minimal amounts. 


Abel comes from a small band of hermits living in the outmost corners of the walls in the mountainous area. He never knew his parents and niether did anyone in the group as he was found in a destroyed village one day. He was always told he was a frail child and considered a burden, constantly reminded of this. He was always called the weakest and soon became his moniker. The group didn't believe much in society, hating having to continue dealings with it, and took to catching and growing their own food which made life extremely traumatic for Abel, especially when eating for the day was determined by whether or not he could catch any. He never had a sense of security and often wondered if life would be better within the inner most walls but that was a thought the group shunned as they despised humanity for hiding from the titans. They believed only the strong survive. He learned from the group how to live off the lands and he excelled in archery, the most necessry skill to have. The group had some of the brightest minds around, as these were the ones who had given up on the society that was repressing the people and technologic advancements and took to their own. They believed they needed to groom the next generation to transcend the forsaken humanity around them and retake the world from the titans. So they were comprised of all the necessary roles that were needed for survival. This lead to Abel being fairly knowledgeable in certain areas such as animal anatomy, herbalism and farming. The only downside was that his social skills were lax and he lacked the ability to relate to others, making him very self centered. 

There was a girl in the group, the only person around his age, who he had come to really like since they could relate to each other. Her name was Crystal and she was his same age. The spent a lot of time bonding and had come to develop a close relationship. She was the only person he could turn to when the elders we're being unreasonable or harsh to Abel. If it hadn't been for her, Abel would've been a stone hearted machine, only thinking of what the hermits told him. He had always imagined himself marrying her and couldn't picture life without her, until the day the wall fell. When he was nine years old, The titans had attacked their compound and Abel watched as crystal and the elders were massacred by the monsters. Everyone he had ever known, gone within a few moments. When Crystal died, rippied out of his hands by a pitiful excuse for an aberrant titan, he vowed to kill every last one of them, even if it meant sacrificing everything. He couldn't believe he had lost it all and he ran in shame, fleeing to the society he was taught was filthy and despicable. Nothing made him hate himself more than being unable to protect crystal and taking refuge with the true animals inside the walls.

Abel has a certain set of values. He believes strongly in survival of the fittest, that one's strength must be proven and that in rare circumstances, the weak may be protected. He's opposed to going out his way to save others, running away from danger and formalities, boy was he still bad at formalities. He can be considered barbaric though when he tries, he can seem like an alright person.

He has no connections in the city and the only others he really knows were the hermits. He often thinks of himself dying outside in the wild, fighting against a horde of titans, he is certain it was his fate, that or kill them all. For crystal, he'd go to any length to end them all.


Abel loves eating food, so much it seems to be his favorite past time when he's not completely exhausting himself with training. He loves destroying different types of meat, often eating like a wild animal. He also loves his smoke. He smokes a special herb, vandervale soaked in frost pine oil, found at the tops of mountains that gives off a sweet aroma, the usual sign that he is nearby. To any other person, smoking this would give off a fiery bur in their lungs that leaves them running for the hospital but since the hermits had been slowly introducing him to it in their meditation ceromonies, he has built a tolerance to it. He also loves women as he is a lustful man. He doesn't care for romance but seeks more the pleasures of the flesh. He can be a perv at times when he's in the mood but that's not a whole lot often. 

Abel really dislikes getting dressed up, having to follow his table manners and also having to take orders from people he finds weak.

He is an introvert, finding himself enjoying solitude but often wonders if there were others like himself he could meet. He doesn't like all the drama social relationships bring and often finds himself laying in a field staring at the sky when he's reached his limit from training. He often feels awkward when having to console people or deal with emotionally distressed peers. 

He is most commonly apathetic, not caring about much unless it relates to strength or challenge. He finds most things about society boring and pointless. He doesn't like to talk about his past and will get either defensive or offensive when people pry. He can be very talkative when it comes to talking about his likes or when arguing.


"We'll make this world a better place!" - Crystal